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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Yellow Elephant Kratom


Closely related to yellow vein maeng da kratom, yellow vein elephant kratom is always in high demand in the kratom community. This rare strain is named after the larger than normal kratom leaves resembling elephant ears.


How Is Yellow Vein Elephant Kratom Made?

Yellow elephant kratom is thought to originate from Indonesia. Its rarity can be attributed to the fact that it can only be cultivated deep in the forests of northwest Sumatra. This means that yellow elephant cannot be grown on a commercial scale. Combined with the difficulty accessing the area, there is no reliable supply chain. Yellow vein elephant is nurtured by Ayurvedic kratom farmers who practice organic farming. They make yellow elephant by harvesting young kratom leaves that are first washed, dried, and crushed into fine powder before it is packaged for the market.


Yellow Vein Elephant Profile

Yellow elephant is a highly potent kratom strain with a unique alkaloid profile. It offers a balanced experience. This strain is a must try for many yellow kratom lovers.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. ride4evrr
    Verified Buyer

    Everything I’ve researched is super clean , this yellow elephant is super nice . I’m really impressed , Plays extremely well with others . Got both Yellow Elephant and Yellow Vietnam . Great sourcing and very much appreciated !!!

  2. Amanda
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve been using the Yellow Elephant. I’m beyond grateful for Nova and their Yellow Elephant; I highly recommend it!

  3. Shea

    I love Nova kratom! Since ordering from them I dont go anywhere else! Good quality kratom at a excellent price! And shipping is always fast and service is great!

    Thanks Nova!!

  4. David Violette
    Verified Buyer

    There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not ecstatic that I found Nova.
    I tried several different vendors until I heard about Nova and the rest is history.
    It’s just strong. Not to mention that Nova is insanely affordable the product is exactly what I need and most of all, the owner Monica is completely involved in her small business.
    You can tell when you’re getting a canned response if you send an email. That doesn’t happen with this company.
    I just placed another order and it’s arriving 2 days sooner than it was supposed to.

    If you’re not doing business with Nova, you’re doing it all wrong.

  5. Harry Curnow

    I’ve become somewhat of an expert on Kratom and vendors. Service , product , selection, price is outstanding. I tried yellow elephant for the first time as a sample gift. Wow ! Excellent versatile strain …keep up the great everything!!!!!!

  6. Christe

    NOVA GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND! You can try other companies as I have with the high prices and terrible packaging. One of Nova’s free samples is about a $30 value at other top companies. These free samples are great. In fact thats how yellow elephant has become my favorite 💛
    Enjoy everyone ♡

  7. Heath
    Verified Buyer

    As always the absolute best yellow maeng Da Kratom I’ve ever had

  8. Heath
    Verified Buyer

    By far the absolute best yellow elephant Kratom I’ve ever had

  9. James Walters

    Going down the line trying out every kind. Yellow Elephant is the best I’ve had here at Nova. It is all high quality.

    And CAN NOT beat the price. Love the amazing customer service.

  10. K

    Very good variety

  11. Sam

    I received this as a sample and I like it a lot.
    Nova keeps producing great products. I’m a very happy customer!
    I can’t wait to explore even more of their selections!



  13. Daryl Mabry


  14. Thom
    Verified Buyer

    You’re selection, quality and price are great. And I can’t find these strains anywhere else. Im a yellow vein convert.

  15. Carma Trapp
    Verified Buyer

    I just received my order. I’m very satisfied with the product. The two free samples are a definite plus and 50 grams each is amazing! Jelly beans are a nice touch too

  16. Kurtis Holzinger
    Verified Buyer

    After searching for a highly recommended and affordable Kratom Vendor I stumbled upon Nova and immediately placed an order. AMAZING product! I’m definitely going ro be a lifelong customer from now on.

  17. Cheryl Morrison

    I’m trying the starter sample

  18. Brit Wood-Wright

    This company is definitely one of the best ones I’ve tried and will purchase again:)

  19. Stella00354
    Verified Buyer

    The products offered by Nova are of the purest form. I had an amazing experience with the customer service too. This is just the beginning of my journey in kratom…and I’m already loving it here… No words can express how I feel.

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