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Yellow Elephant Kratom

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Closely related to yellow vein maeng da kratom, yellow vein elephant kratom is always in high demand in the kratom community. This rare strain is named after the larger than normal kratom leaves resembling elephant ears.


How Is Yellow Vein Elephant Kratom Made?

Yellow elephant kratom is thought to originate from Indonesia. Its rarity can be attributed to the fact that it can only be cultivated deep in the forests of northwest Sumatra. This means that yellow elephant cannot be grown on a commercial scale. Combined with the difficulty accessing the area, there is no reliable supply chain. Yellow vein elephant is nurtured by Ayurvedic kratom farmers who practice organic farming. They make yellow elephant by harvesting young kratom leaves that are first washed, dried, and crushed into fine powder before it is packaged for the market.


Yellow Vein Elephant Profile

Yellow elephant is a highly potent kratom strain with a unique alkaloid profile. It offers a balanced experience due to both its mellow and uplifting properties. This strain is a must try for many yellow kratom lovers.

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