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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

How to order capsules?

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Go to the page of the strain you want, there is a dropdown whenre yo ucan select quanitities and if you want it Powder OR Capsules

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Aprill Fisher

Hi there! What are the capsules made out of, gelatin or are they vegan friendly? Thanks

Hello April, We have the Gelatin ones, and that’s because people disliked the taste of other options, basically we ended up going with the option that was most well liked by the majority of our customers in terms of taste, thank you!

Terry Mitchell

I was really looking forward to ordering 2000 red maeng da capsules and you are out till Tuesday will I still be able to get my first time customer discount of t0%.I really hope so be I was really excited about becoming a customer and trying your product thanks my name is Terry Mitchell I hope to hear back from you I also sent you a message to your support email looking forward to ordering from your company

Terry Mitchell

This has been the best Kratom company I have ever come across I have referred so many people to this company for the fine quality of Kratom that there is around thank you for your Superior product

Loren Depew

Is there any capsules in stock?? Looks like your all out. I was really looking forward to purchasing some whit , red, and yellow. I can’t seem to find any capsules in stock.

Sara satterlee

Hi. I just ordered some capsules for the first time. There are no pictures of any bottles that contain the capsules. I would like to know what they contain and how many grams are they. Thank you. I ordered the red ma dang? And one other.

Hello Sara, I’ve emailed you about this: our capsules come in bags, not bottles, and each of our caps has 0.5g of kratom (size 00) – the industry standard.

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