📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦


Contact the owner

In case you don't like contact forms and you want to contact the owner, Monica, directly, email her at: support@novakratom.com

If your payment can’t go through, most likely it’s because it’s not been approved by your bank, you have to call your bank and ask them to approve it – everything should go smoothly after.

IMPORTANT: After placing the order you will receive the tracking number as soon as UPS scans the order and starts processing it, after that you'll receive the tracking by email and you'll be able to track your order. All of this should happen very fast, for us it's very important to make sure each order is delivered as soon as possilble because of the nature of the product, the top bar on the website that estiamtes the delivery date is 100% accurate!

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