📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Nova Kratom Affiliate Program

Kratom products become more and more popular by the day. And did you know that you can make money from this blossoming industry? That’s right! The Nova Kratom Affiliate Program offers an easy side hustle that rewards you for promoting our site.

Here's how it works:

Nova Kratom affiliate process

You sign up to become an affiliate marketer for Nova Kratom using the form below.

After we review your application and you’ve been accepted, you’ll be given a unique link to our website. This link includes your very own key signature, making it uniquely yours.

You post your Nova Kratom link everywhere: on your website, social media accounts, blogs– you name it. Wherever you think you can earn traffic, post your link!

When someone uses your link to visit Nova Kratom and makes a purchase, you will receive 25% of the purchase value in the form of an affiliate commission!

In addition, you’ll be rewarded if your visitors become repeat customers! How? For 30 days after first using your link, your visitors will automatically check out using your affiliate link, as long as they don’t clear their cookies.

How Will You Get Paid?

We’ve designed our kratom affiliate program to be as stress-free and easy as possible. Nova Kratom affiliates are paid every Thursday. Your money will be deposited directly into your PayPal address. Make sure you have a (FREE!) PayPal account before signing up to become a Nova Kratom affiliate.

Want to know more?

For more information on the Nova Kratom Affiliate Program, visit our blog! We discuss tips and tricks for successfully marketing your affiliate link, as well as other information that might help you out along the way.