📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Green Maeng Da Kratom


How is Green Vein Maeng Da Made?

Green maeng da kratom is thought to originate from Thailand as it has a profile that is most similar to Thai kratom. It is made when local kratom farmers produced the variety through a grafting process where the parent strains are fused together. Green vein maeng da is currently cultivated in many countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and more. It thrives in the lush and tropical rainforests of southeast Asia. In local communities, it is often consumed fresh or brewed into a tea. It is made by harvesting semi mature leaves which are dried. These leaves then go through an additional process where water is added, squeezed out, and the leaves dried again resulting in its profile.

Green Vein Maeng Da Profile

While most green varieties are generally less popular than their red and white counterparts, green maeng da is an exception. It is believed to be one of the purest and least tampered forms of kratom with a mildly bitter taste loved by many enthusiasts. Green maeng da offers a balanced experience that is kind on the digestive system due to its lower alkaline content.

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  1. devinjones19700
    Verified Buyer

    Just tried this place out for the first time this week. I am satisfied with my order will be shopping here again! If you have any doubts about this company just give it a try!

  2. J Cole
    Verified Buyer

    Just got mine in! 600gs of powder for 44$! The first thing I noticed was the quality of the powder. It’s the most consistent and fine powder I’ve ever had. It had the nice bitter flavor without clumping up on a toss and wash. They send a personal note and jelly beans! Shipping was super fast and traceable. Will never buy anywhere else again. Can’t wait to try the free samples they sent as well!

  3. Sharon Williams
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve been taking Kratom for about two years now. This is this 1st time I’ve purchased from this company and I had a few questions I wanted to ask first. SURPRISINGLY the owner took the time and answered my questions! The owner y’all actually cares about the customers and that is #1 to me! Anyways, I ordered a few different packs using the split and I’ve only tried the green MD so far cuz it’s that amazing. I never realized just how much “dirt” was in other companies power until I saw and tried this. It’s literally the best and most affordable! I received THREE 50 gram sample bags with my two different orders and can’t wait to try them! I am already about to purchase more MD cuz it’s that amazing! Thank you Nova!

  4. Erica Boggs
    Verified Buyer

    Okay so I am a VERY avid kratom drinker. I have tried kratom from various websites that were supposedly well liked that ended up disliking them. I am not joking when I say Nova Kratom is the best kratom on the market. It tastes excellent. I also purchased the red maeng da which is amazing as well. I am in love with this website. Quick shipping with samples to try (thank you so much for that), and I can confidently say every strain is top tier. My rating, 11/10. Will continue to order from Nova for the rest of the time.

  5. David
    Verified Buyer

    AMAZING!! I have been through several brands and have dealt with the struggles of availability. Nova is by far the best tasting and best textured kratom I have ever had. Not to mention the price is great too. I will definitely be purchasing all my kratom from Nova.

  6. morrow.brett
    Verified Buyer

    Such a high quality, clean product compared to the stuff I was getting at the smoke shop. Also, only 2/3 the price! And they sent a couple sample packs of different strains as well as some Jelly Belly treats 😊
    Will definitely be ordering from her from now on!

  7. ontimetrans6
    Verified Buyer

    Received my first order by Nova and it was the Green Meang Da and it is the best I’ve had yet! And I got two samples of Gold Bali and White Meang Da and they are the best!

  8. Christina young

    I want to try it.!! Before I buy I hope it’s better than store

  9. thepainterscup
    Verified Buyer

    2nd time ordering and green Maeng Da is always my go to and I add different strains till I hit the jackpot. This kratom, every single strain I’ve tried from Nova is a jackpot!! Excellent product. Quick delivery and great customer service.

  10. Benita Gosnell
    Verified Buyer

    I have tried different brands and Nova is the best by far. The quality of Nova means I don’t have to take as much either.

  11. Eric

    Good quality powder

  12. ontimetrans6
    Verified Buyer

    Hi everyone, I just received my first order from Nova a few days ago and got 1000 count of the Green Meang Da and I am so excited to try a vendor that is top notch, instead of buying head shop Kratom and I have read a lot of great reviews, so I had to order from this company. With my order, I received two 50 grams sample packs of Gold Bali and White vein Kratom and they’re the best I’ve ever had! But I just wanted to know if the capsules are supposed to be packed full or are you supposed to be able to squeeze them flat? And I’m wondering if I’m still getting the right dosage or if it’s less than what it should be? Because i’ve gotten Kratom from head shops before and most of the time the capsules were tightly packed. But other than that, I would highly recommend Nova Kratom to anyone who wants high quality Kratom at a fair decent price. Thank you, Nova!

  13. meghanhertel
    Verified Buyer

    my first time buying from Nova Kratom was a 100% success! i will be a customer for life!

  14. Madison

    First and foremost, I want to say that I found out that the person who gave me customer service was the owner herself, and I am blown away at the fact that she was not only so kind and hospitable and empathetic but actually took the time to engage with her customers! That to me, speaks volumes for a company. I didn’t even realize it was her until after! This green maeng da is absolutely amazing. I just have to say that all of these strains are very easy on my stomach, which is not something I can say about any other vendors. I will be back again, and just want to say that Monica is absolutely amazing. I am blown away at the helpful customer service here, very helpful for a newbie like me!

  15. Richard Rakas

    Awesome personalized customer service!! Product is awesome!!. Free sample was awesome!!

  16. Helen

    Wow!! So I recently bought from this site because I wanted to try a new site and see the different options. Nova has strains I’ve never even heard of! Not only that, but they are so much more affordable than the other sites I’ve bought from ANDDDDDDD ANDDDDD!!! They give samples if you spend a certain amount! Like, WHAT! I got the kilo where I was able to pick 4 different strains and I can’t do that with other shops! I’m just so shocked on how great their products are and how affordable it is! They don’t overpriced like others sites do. Also, they sent a cute little bag of jelly beans and I thought that it was so sweet and cute! They also wrote thank you on the order paper! Love how affordable they are and how awesome their strains are as well! One of the samples they sent was the superior red dragon! I love it! I will now be buying from this site! 😊

  17. Hannah Rabuse
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing product – the quality and delivery time are unmatched. It’s very affordable compared to what I usually see both online and in stores. I even forgot a part of my address and they responded confirming they fixed it when I reached out almost immediately and had my order in just a couple days. You can’t beat the quality, customer service, and the cherry on top is the free samples they also throw in. Will be a repeat customer.

  18. Adam DeLozier

    Seriously? A friend told me about Green Maeng Da Kratom and suggested this website. I didn’t jump into this blind because I always do my own research and after doing so a lot of arrows pointed to this website. This is the best I’ve felt in a very long time! I should get a major discount with all the people I’m sending to this great site lol. Added bonus they sent me 50 Trainwreck and 50 Yellow Elephant free with free Jelly Beans! Yes, I typed it right, FREE Jelly Beans! lol Love this site, definitely coming back 🙂

  19. Elizabeth Poole
    Verified Buyer

    I purchased the capsule version of the green md and it was one of my favorites from my first order here. I enjoyed it by itself but I also loved mixing it with a bit of red jongkong. I definitely want to try the powder form of this in the future.

  20. Robert Haulman

    Solid example of Green Maeng Da, Nova overall is an incredible company all the way around, rock solid product, super cheap prices, FAST AND FREE SHIPPING, oh and THE OWNER is absolutely FANTASTIC! ❤️💡

  21. SpiderSnatch
    Verified Buyer

    This is the best Green Maeng Da i have ever had! This has been my go to strain for a while now. I have tried numerous brands, mostly the major brands carried in many smoke shops, yet Nova definitely beat them all!!! Not only in quality and freshness, but also in potency. I actually had to scale down my dose to HALF the amount I normally take with all the other brands…..(same goes for the other strains I have tried from Nova).

  22. matthewforester12
    Verified Buyer

    I ordered my stuff on Thursday at lunchtime and my order came the next day before noon. Let me remind you it was shipped from Colorado and I live in Virginia. Simply amazing!!!

  23. Melissa Norton
    Verified Buyer

    Great quality, great shipping
    Pricing is amazing compared to what I was paying for lower quality at the local smoke shop. The owner Monica personally replied to my email and sent free samples! Awesome
    I’d never buy from anyone else as long as it stays this way… perfect!

  24. A
    Verified Buyer

    This was my first time buying from Nova, and while I haven’t tried many online vendors, I can definitely say that this works way better than any gas station/smoke shop stuff I’ve ever had. For the price and the delivery time, it actually ranks #1 for me as of right now.

    The green maeng da was extrememly potent, and was my first time trying green by itself. I was not disappointed! It gives a nice leveled, stimulated experience, while providing that kick that I expect from kratom. The taste is better than other kratom I’ve tried.

    Free shipping, and amazing pricing makes this a very convenient and welcoming site for new buyers. I was pleasantly greeted with a thank you card, and jelly beans, along with 2 samples. I had asked if I could get specific strain samples, and they delivered. I actually ended up enjoying the yellow Vietnam so much that I’m going to order a whole bag of it.

    Nova is doing it right.

  25. Ashley Brumley
    Verified Buyer

    Great mild product compared to the white vein. I love them both. The owner is so awesome! She accomodated me so nicely and with a quick response to my questions. I can continue to rave about the owner and staff, but you will all definitely see for yourselves. I’m blessed to have found yall.

  26. gant.anderson
    Verified Buyer

    I found this off a reddit post lol. I was tired of getting garbage quality GMD from *competitor_edited*, *competitor_edited*, and smoke shops.
    It was the strongest, most healthy greeny looking stuff I’ve ever tried. My tolerance is huge, but it had me when I tried the normal dose I use for the crappy kratoms. I will only be ordering here regularly from now on!!
    Thanks for the candy and the free samples!!

  27. Mary
    Verified Buyer

    Wow! I came across this place online. I ordered it yesterday and it is already here! I took some of this maeng da and I feel great! This place is awesome, will definitely be back. 🙂

  28. trentocoe
    Verified Buyer

    First class all the way! Great product for this vein; and I can’t wait to try the samples. Also, thanks for the jelly bellies!

  29. Sean

    The little extras and speedy service will definitely keep me coming back.

  30. codysk23
    Verified Buyer

    Best product around, best customer service, iv orderd a few times now and iv never been happier, the owner is truly amazing, she does such a good job

  31. jennifercollis78

    OMG!!!!!!!! I just received my first order of Green Vein Maeng Da. I have used a lot of different Kratom Vendors in past years. I had ordered 500 capsules. When I opened the package, I was so HAPPILY SUPRISED. In the package I received my 500 hundred capsules, PLUS FREE 50 CAPSULES OF RED VEIN BALII and 50 CAPSULES OF YELLOW VEIN ELEPHANT and a $10.00 Gift Card for my next purchase . (also received a package of my favorite Jelly Belliys). A BIG THANK YOU to Nova Kratom. I will be sending a review on the Red Bali and YELLOW ELEPHANT.
    Customers, spread the word about Nova Kratom. They will be Happily Suprised……..

  32. hiddenpwns
    Verified Buyer

    Received my order today, really digging this green MD! first time customer and i’m satisfied with my purchase 🙂 Even got a few samples as well as a couple of jelly beans which was nice to see

  33. coreyliskiewicz
    Verified Buyer

    First time customer and I honestly think this is pretty solid batch of MD. The order arrived within a day and came with a few samples and jelly beans. Thank you!

  34. sylviafranco1231

    I purchase the green OMG SO POTENT.
    Thank you!!
    Love the samples♥️

  35. Osama Balawi
    Verified Buyer

    Received my order today , extra gifts , awesome quality , unbeatable price , guys your absolutely wonderful, thank you very much

  36. Denise

    I am a first time buyer. A friend gave me a sample and I am mediately ordered that same day. I received my package quickly. along with my order, I received two sample packs and some jellybeans! Great service and a great product

  37. Kaylee
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing products! I have received my order of red, white, and green Maeng Da. So far everything is amazing. I also received 2 (50 capsules) sample packs. I’ve been paying 4x the prices at my local shop. I’ll never go back after finding this company! Impressed!

  38. AmyLynn22
    Verified Buyer

    I just got my 4th or 5th order from
    nova. I was getting it from a smoke shop and was a different brand and much more money. I came across Nova and decided to give it a try! It’s hands down the best I’ve had! The company is amazing too! I always get samples of others strains and recently jelly belly’s! 😋 keep up the amazing work Nova! And the coupons u send are Bomb!

  39. Amy McCubbin
    Verified Buyer

    This is the good stuff. You wonder why there are no negative reviews? Because there is nothing negative about the product, the service, the whole package is awesome. I’ve tried plenty of brands of Kratom, that cost much more for mhttps://novakratom.com/product/green-maeng-da-kratom/?attribute_quantity=1000g+Powder#uch less in every way. This Green Maeng Da Hits, slaps, bangs, is all that and a bag of chips. However, you want to put it, that’s what this Kratom is. This is a stupid comment to make but they could charge double, and it would still be worth it.

  40. John shakoor
    Verified Buyer

    My order got here super quick and exceeded my expectations. Even got two free samples in my order as well. Will absolutely be ordering again, thanks guys!

  41. Megan Lindsey
    Verified Buyer

    I cannot begin to stress just how impressed i am. Found out about this site via reddit and gave it a shot. Ordered 500g of red maeng da and green maeng da(posted this review on both).

    The taste is a lot less bitter than im used to but the strength absolutely isn’t diluted! That ALONE is amazing.

    I received both of them within a very reasonable time! I ordered the day before Xmas and got it on the 27th! Thats heckin amazon speeds!

    Now the absolute cherry on top? along with my two giant 500g bags i ordered they included two 50g sample bags of white and yellow and HECKIN JELLY BEANS TO TAKE THE TASTE OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! I didn’t even think of that idea! So not only does this company provide something I enjoy a lot for a price i can possibly afford but their customer service is above and beyond stellar and imma shout this at everyone ever. Never going anywhere else ever again.(posted this on both items i ordered).

  42. Natasha Fischer
    Verified Buyer

    This was by far one of the best brands to try the way it was ground up so finely and the potency was so much higher an I don’t have to use so much I’ve tried all different brands over the last 2 years I have been on Kratom and this is amazing plus I was sent some full size samples with my order, my first order got lost in the mail so they delivered it to me and I got it today, I was completely out of any an I hadn’t had any for too many day. They were super kind doing so I am now a permanent customer because they handled my situation so beautifully.

  43. Gary bareis

    I am very impressed right out of the gates on first order. Super fast ship. Superior package and product. Thank you so much.

  44. Ginger S
    Verified Buyer

    I ordered and really love the green maeng da. My order came very fast and is a great quality . I also loved the discount using the code . I was lucky and received a free sample that i have never tried before ,i can’t wait to try, the delivery was really fast too. Thank You.

  45. Tim Prat
    Verified Buyer

    Was hesitant to change my Green Maeng Da vendor, until a friend recommended Nova to me. So, far so good. Great product and great prices. Thanks

  46. Benny
    Verified Buyer

    Got my stash on time. Will definitely be ordering soon from them.

  47. J. McKenna
    Verified Buyer

    Excellent deal for the quality of the product. I think Nova is the cheapest vendor in town. It’s quickly becoming my best source of Green Maeng Da

  48. T.K
    Verified Buyer

    Kratom from Nova is the best I’ve received from any vendor

  49. Lukas B.
    Verified Buyer


  50. Daisy J.
    Verified Buyer

    Very good product I must say. Awesome customer service. If you have an issue you will get a call personally from the agent. Not many vendors do that. Will continue to shop here.

  51. ted67236
    Verified Buyer

    The green maeng da is undoubtedly spellbinding. Very potent.
    Thank you Nova!

  52. Nicolas Rodin
    Verified Buyer

    Ordered the first time…it was persfect. ….Second time, it was just as good. Just how I like my fav green vein. Thanks Nova Kratom.

  53. jay43358
    Verified Buyer

    Great customer service. Quality product….couldn’t ask for more.

  54. James 3278
    Verified Buyer

    Nova is just amazing. I’m a brand-new, loyal client.

  55. Eunice L.
    Verified Buyer

    I’m never concerned about whether or not I’ll receive my purchases. That’s practically unheard of in today’s society. There are always people ready to assist if I ever need it.

  56. Ja
    Verified Buyer

    There isn’t a more superior option. You will not find a better company in terms of customer service, product quality, and shipment speed.

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