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4 Ways Split Kilo POWDER


Strain 1

Strain 2

Strain 3

Strain 4

This option allows buying 4 x 250g POWDER bags at the bulk price of 1000g Powder. To take advantage of this you have to order in batches of 4 strains.

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  1. bryan.cooper83
    Verified Buyer

    Damn good kratom!! Ok lll never go to smoke shops again smh. I immediately ordered another kilo and my order just came in! I’m with nova from now on..Plus the samples! Man it’s crazy how on point this is!!!

  2. Ryan Pierson
    Verified Buyer

    With a huge selection, incredibly fair pricing, well above average quality, insanely fast shipping, and generously oversized samples with my order. Needless to say I’ll be back for more.

  3. Obe
    Verified Buyer

    Probably the best kratom I ever tried, Top tier for sure! Yall got a life long customer with me! I deal with chronic nerve pain(from a really bad car crash) and also been clean from hard Opiates/Opoids going on 5 years now(which where prescribed for pain originally, I never enjoyed Opiates and Opoids, however, before Kratomthey where the only things that workedfor the pain, juat too many awful side effects) thanks to kratom!! And this brand is the best I ever had in all my years using Kratom! I love this amazing plant and it’s pain relief properties! I would be dead if kratom didn’t exist! Thank you Nova! You’re literally saving lives!

  4. Garron Paul
    Verified Buyer

    Yo this stuff is the stuff. Quality and affordability meet right at the top with this one. They gave me a free 10$ gift card along with 100gs in samples all for free. The powder is very fresh smelling and clumpy. 100% will buy again and again and again. Nova is my new go-to

  5. Celeste Horvath
    Verified Buyer

    My husband and we’re super impressed with not only the product but the Care that was put into the whole process. The sample and Jelly Bellys were an Awesome touch 🫶💫 I wouldn’t really call it a sample though… 250 is a Huge sample!

    You guys are Great, we truly appreciate you.

  6. Anonymous
    Verified Buyer

    Great product very fast 1 day shipping and got a included 250g sample along with the 4 way split This powder is just as good as any of the top vendors. Definitely will support nova after all of the extra steps they go through to support the customer.

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