📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

4 Ways Split Kilo POWDER


Strain 1

Strain 2

Strain 3

Strain 4

This option allows buying 4 x 250g POWDER bags at the bulk price of 1000g Powder. To take advantage of this you have to order in batches of 4 strains.

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5.00 / 5


  1. M. Gibbs
    Verified Buyer

    It’s on another level.

  2. Aaron Clarke

    I’m in los angles so I have hundreds of locations to buy kratom from. I have only been taking for two weeks and very quickly decided to find a better deal. 3 days into taking this company’s product I enjoyed it more than the smoke shops. These guys with the free samples truly now how to market. For that small gesture of love, I’ll only patronize this business. Love goes a long way<3
    This review is a way for me to say thank you

  3. Kyle Rodkey
    Verified Buyer

    I am extremely impressed with nova kratom. From the customer service to the shipping to the most important aspect the quality. The quality is unparalleled I’ve tried 20+ vendors in the 10 years I’ve been purchasing kratom and I have to say nova kratom is among the best and my new favorite vendor. Thanks nova kratom and Monica for this awesome experience. So far I’ve tried the white maeng da and the red dragon and both are incredibly potent and high quality. I love nova kratom!!

  4. Rick waggoner

    Great service, quality products

  5. Carlos Pena
    Verified Buyer

    OMG I did everything wrong.!! But Monica u and that team are send from heaven to all of us. I ordered everything wrong and u guys didn’t miss a beat. Monica with in an hour she was on it, with return and replacement of my wrong doing. No questions and replacement in the mail just like that WOW 😳.!!! Same day in couple of hrs what, now days it’s unheard.
    That team Nova you guys just take the cake and eat it. You got a new for ever customer.!!!

  6. Rubin Pipenko
    Verified Buyer

    Been so satisfied with this company, after several months of ordering, a 5 star review has long been overdo. The quality of the strains I’ve tried is just as good as my old go-to brand, but much cheaper.
    Also, while Nova has these awesome 4 way kilos other vendor
    only has 2. And I’ve been getting an extra 100 grams in samples every order!?!? I know it might not he a permanat addition, but so far ive gotten it for around 5 orders. Just amazing, I really am grateful for this company, as I take alot of kratom and am not very wealthy.
    The first time I was gonna try them out I was a bit worried about quality, but their refund policy is really good, and takes away any reason to worry about losing cash.
    Also, Monica responded to all my emails very quickly, and was very pleasant and cool to deal with!

  7. Robin

    Best company ever! High quality, fast shipping, great price. I will be a customer from here on out. Thanks ((:

  8. Travis G.
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve purchased this split kilo deal over 10 times I believe now. It’s always been exceptionally great quality, I’ve never been disappointed. The samples are great too, I’ve tried probably every single strain from them except for the green strains.ive tried numerous green strains though from the samples and they were strong and good, I’m just a green guy. I’ll order from them for as long as they’re in business. Always enjoy the jelly beans too! Thanks a million for what you’ve done for me.

  9. Robert J. Lee
    Verified Buyer

    I have been using Kratom since around February 2020. I have used many online vendors, many very well known. I use two others still on occasion due to discount codes. However, this is by far the best! Or at least up there at the top quality. I highly recommend anything they offer! God bless you all!

  10. Angela B.
    Verified Buyer

    I have been taking Kratom for about 8 years starting out with capsules bought at smoke shops and compared to online capsules and powders the smoke shops sell crap. Fast forward to 2023 and I found Nova and the powder I get from them is always consistent and helps the way it needs to help. Love the fast and free shipping and price is awesome. My husband has been taking it for a while and he loves Nova also. We always get a kilo of powder and I do toss and wash and he does blate papes.

  11. Lisa Foster

    I’ve ordered from Nova kratom past 4 times. I love the fast delivery and the great product . They have reasonable prices which is great

  12. Alan Lloyd
    Verified Buyer

    I’m so impressed with NOVA that I’m ordering from them every week
    even though I have enough kratom to last me a year probably.

    I can’t get over how great NOVA is.
    It took me 5 years to find NOVA but at least I did.

    The MIT content is anywhere from
    1.50% to 1.70%
    and that is pretty difficult to beat!!

    Alan L.

    Thank you for being so awesome, NOVA.

  13. Alan Lloyd
    Verified Buyer

    What can I say? NOVA must be the greatest kratom vendor of all time …
    The best selection, the best prices $ the best quality I’ve found anywhere…..

    I’ve never seen so many yellow kratom anywhere.

    The 4-way split kilo is genius !!
    It’s my favorite one to order and I almost have all of the strains!!

    I have stopped buying from any other kratom company

    I highly recommend NOVA

    –Alan L.

  14. blaqrogue2
    Verified Buyer

    Great company with great prices and quality.

  15. Michael P.
    Verified Buyer

    Awesome quality, awesome price.

  16. Jordan Sloan
    Verified Buyer

    My new favorite Kratom shop! All the strains I’ve tried are awesome and high quality. Won’t be buying from anywhere else again!

  17. lbraghetta40
    Verified Buyer

    Well I’m buying again and That should tell you everything you need to know! I got the greens the first time and they were amazing but sir mixed Alot this time lol! The packaging is beautiful! The difference in this kratom vs kratom at your local gas station is awesome! Just go buy it you won’t be disappointed!!

  18. Sarah Doebler
    Verified Buyer

    Just made my second order, honestly this is the best kratom I’ve ever gotten. The quality is really really nice, it’s potent enough that one bag lasts sooo long because you don’t have to take so much! I’ve been getting my kratom from a tobacco store for years, and I’ll never go back to that stuff! Nova kratom is where it’s at! Packaging is really nice, shipping is really fast, and it’s very affordable! I will definitely be continuing to order my split kilos from nova! ❤️ love love love the free samples too and being able to try different strains!

  19. danalovesshane69
    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely amazing quality, what sets Nova apart is the customer service. Monica always responds to emails and quickly., have any issues with your order Monica will handle it and do it fast…I have placed several orders with Nova and each one has been amazing quality kratom . Thank you. Customer for life

  20. jogar813
    Verified Buyer

    No one but NOVA gets my money. They say “You get what you pay for” but with NOVA you get much, much more. Gone are the days of purchasing crappy Kratom at high prices. NOVA has High-Quality Kratom for an outstanding price. The value is unbelievable.

  21. Dumitru Trascudavid
    Verified Buyer

    Nova you are the best. And most generous vendor I’ve ever delt with, I’ve bought kratom from everywhere for years. And I don’t know why I never had the guts to order from you… well nig mistake on me, because I missed out on alot of good stuff. I want to personally thank you for your generosity and your kratom quality. Also I want you to know that you have found yourself a new lifetime customer. I will always and only order from you guys now. Thanks you!

  22. Larry Battraw

    Incredibly fast shipping and really impressive packaging, very professional. Definitely coming back for more once I run out.

  23. Nancy Scarlett

    I’m so impressed with Nova Kratom since the first time I ordered! The Kratom is on point and delivery is perfect! Then we have the free samples and the discounts! I’ve been using Kratom for about 5 years and have tried several different companies! Nova is by far the best company with Superior products and services! Thank you all!

  24. mcknightjarad91
    Verified Buyer

    This is our second order and I’ve been satisfied both times.
    Let’s start with the packaging. 10/10, very beautiful and sleek. I absolutely love it.
    Now for the product itself. I was spending almost 40 dollars for 6 ounces at my local store which is ridiculous and the Kratom was a very heavy feeling and made me sick which isn’t pleasant. Novas Kratom is very smooth and clean feeling and lasts a long time. The grind is fantastic, no chunks or grittiness. 10/10
    I’ve had 100 grams completely free in both of my orders which is fantastic and this time they also sent a thank you and two mini packs of jelly beans which was just the cutest and very appreciated. Customer service is also a 10/10
    Me and my girlfriend love this company and they will stay our go to Kratom vendor forever. Thanks, guys!

  25. danashoemaker417
    Verified Buyer

    Once again Nova has way exceeded my.expectations got my. 6th order and still a amazing as the 1st you guys have a life long customer… thank you for caring

  26. danashoemaker417
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve ordered nova 6 times now always get the split kilo..The quality is always amazing generous samples and as an otr truck driver im not home allot so I coordinate by orders and they always arrive on time…I will only order nova because the quality is amazing. And the customer service is way above the norm..Thanks Nova you guys rock

  27. rodney.lundb
    Verified Buyer

    This is my first time ordering from Nova, I am a veteran Kratom user. I have tried many local vendors as well as online vendors and I have to say this has been my best experience by far, I ordered the split kilo option and not only did it arrive so fast that it was like buying locally but the packaging is awesome. Easy to open, easy to re-seal and the potency is top notch.
    I am a loyal White and Green vein user, I work 14-16 hour days as a machine operator trainer for a very large corporation. Not to mention they did something unheard of and included 2 50g samples. 5 * to Nova, you have just acquired a new life long customer. Anyone reading this review looking for answers to your questions about this company and their product, just order and be amazed by their level of customer service and the supreme quality of their product.

  28. Chyrse
    Verified Buyer

    This is my 7th time with this place. Like others, I was skeptical because of the price. How good could it be, when they were practically giving it away? It’s good, really good, lol. I appreciate the quality and the price. Thank you for being so generous and not giving in to the main stream other’s do with hiking up the price, you definitely could. It’s that great. I like to rotate with others but I keep finding myself coming back to nova for the consistency. You really can’t go wrong with any strain, so glad I found them ❤️

  29. Heath

    Nova is the absolute most potent kratom I’ve ever encountered and I’ve tried just about every too notch company. Truly after using NOVA daily, I cannot even benefit from all the other brands I’ve got and Monica is great. When I’m not satisfied with a product she gets the right one sent out immediately at no charge to me. NOVA is no 1

  30. kiwimg
    Verified Buyer

    First time customer and I got an amazing deal on the four way split kilo.
    Shipping was stupid fast being that I ordered on a Sunday of the July fourth weekend and I got my product on the Wednesday! I didn’t check the tracking until Thursday afternoon because I didn’t expect it so quickly so unfortunately the Kratom sat in a hot mailbox for a day (I’m sure it’s fine).
    After reading several reviews to find out which one is best I decided to try the white dragon first, and I’m not disappointed.
    I’ve been using Kratom for a long time and this is one of the best I’ve tried so far, I’m glad I stumbled across this company because I was getting tired of buying from stores with outrageous prices. I used to import the Kratom myself from Indonesia but got tired of being messed around and held up by customs who seemed to be convinced I was importing something else!
    The prices are right and the product so far seems legit, it would be nice if the descriptions were much more elaborated.

  31. Amber Rieuf
    Verified Buyer

    So my package got lost but Monica, the owner did a re-shipment and I just got my package today! The product is great as always! I’ve been using gas stations to get my kratom fix while waiting and let me tell you…. their quality is crap compared to Nova! Thanks for the jelly beans as well Monica! This website is my go too for sure!

  32. Amber Rieuf
    Verified Buyer

    So, I haven’t received my package yet from no fault to nova kratom. Monica replied to me right away, and she is already sending me a new package… her prices are unbelievable and I’ve gotten her products from my cousin before so I know their quality is great… since my package is lost in the system she’s sending me a new package !!! What a sweetheart she is. I cannot wait to receive my order. Thanks again Monica for getting back to me so quick! Usually there shipping is lightening fast but personally I’d rather wait for their quality which also has quantity!! I got a split 4 way kilo coming. You can’t beat them even if the package is late people!! And this def a usps problem! Not a nova problem. Y’all are great thank you!

  33. Maison Stradley
    Verified Buyer

    I am so impressed and happy I have stumbled upon this great company. Firstly, prices are better than anywhere AND you aren’t getting ripped off quality wise, it’s amazing quality, very fresh. The fact I can get 4 types and try various ones without having to spend a bunch more money (same price as buying 1 kilo of a single type)… amazing. The crazy amount of options… amazing. The fact that you gave me an additional 100g of two more types (meaning 50g each)… seriously amazing, thats not a small amount to just give, that doesnt go unnoticed by me. So in one order I now get to try 6 types! Haha so much fun, over time i can try them all! This company is seriously stepping up the level of professionalism in the kratom world in ways i havent experienced, its all in the details. I’m sure some companies can compare in ways but for a very fair price? The “good” companies charge $120-150 a kilo. Great product and customer service, order shipped the day i put it in, arrived 2 business days later. As someone who has been buying online for close to a decade, nothing compares. A cherry on top is the bags are of good quality (and appealing appearance wise) but you can open and close them a bunch without them breaking at the seal part. A hand written “thank you” on my receipt and 2 things of jelly beans haha, nobody does that… I actually want to support this company. I truly feel the customer is being taken care of and thought of by them, not taken advantage of. It’s tough out here for many money wise and from my experience fair prices and quality product is hard to come by in any field so it is a very refreshing experience. Oh yeah and free shipping over $40? Holy moly. Other companies are gonna need to step it up haha but anyone from nova reading, you have earned a loyal customer, you can bet on that. Thank you

  34. pracz48
    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely the best!! Every order is consistent, lightening fast shipping, and the product is superior by far. Prices are extremely competitive! Thank you Nova Kratom….I am elated that you exist! Samples and jelly beans are much appreciated 😊👍

  35. Nicolle Hartman
    Verified Buyer

    Nova Kratom, your SO generous and completely amazing! I thank you for the crazy quick delivery, absolutely unbeatable prices and incredible quality. I hold you high on a well deserved pedestal, and will continue to order here and here only, for all of my Kratom needs.:)

  36. Donna Carr
    Verified Buyer

    All the 5/5 reviews don’t lie, they are top notch quality and service. Really passed my expectations honestly. All the good reviews are because it’s the best kratom for the money I’ve found in the last 12+ years

  37. Rodney Kupcs
    Verified Buyer

    This truly is a five star kratom merchant, period. The pinnacle at which all other shops should be measured. Absolute best shop I’ve purchased from in years. All the five star reviews are legit- You guys killed it! Keep up the amazing work, thanks!

  38. Hunter Perryman
    Verified Buyer

    Really good Kratom and price is good!!

  39. bryan.cooper83
    Verified Buyer

    Damn good kratom!! Ok lll never go to smoke shops again smh. I immediately ordered another kilo and my order just came in! I’m with nova from now on..Plus the samples! Man it’s crazy how on point this is!!!

  40. Ryan Pierson
    Verified Buyer

    With a huge selection, incredibly fair pricing, well above average quality, and generously oversized samples with my order. Needless to say I’ll be back for more.

  41. Obe
    Verified Buyer

    Probably the best kratom I ever tried, Top tier for sure! Yall got a life long customer with me! This brand is the best I ever had in all my years using Kratom! I love this amazing plant! Thank you Nova!

  42. Garron Paul
    Verified Buyer

    Yo this stuff is the stuff. Quality and affordability meet right at the top with this one. They gave me a free 10$ gift card along with 100gs in samples all for free. The powder is very fresh smelling and clumpy. 100% will buy again and again and again. Nova is my new go-to

  43. Celeste Horvath
    Verified Buyer

    My husband and we’re super impressed with not only the product but the Care that was put into the whole process. The sample and Jelly Bellys were an Awesome touch 🫶💫 I wouldn’t really call it a sample though… 250 is a Huge sample!

    You guys are Great, we truly appreciate you.

  44. Anonymous
    Verified Buyer

    Great product and got a included 250g sample along with the 4 way split This powder is just as good as any of the top vendors. Definitely will support nova after all of the extra steps they go through to support the customer.

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