📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

White Maeng Da Kratom


Easily one of the most famous kratom lineages, white vein maeng da kratom is a potent variety highly sought after by many kratom connoisseurs. Its name “maeng da” comes from a local slang that translates to pimp grade, a name that highlights the higher quality and potency of the strain.

How Is white vein Maeng Da Kratom Made?

Believed to have originated from Thailand, white vein maeng da is produced from a grafting process performed by local kratom experts. White maeng da kratom is currently cultivated in the lush and tropical rainforests of southeast Asia as it thrives in a hot and humid environment. It is made by handpicking the best young leaves from the maeng da kratom tree. These leaves are then washed thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris. It then goes through a fermentation and drying process that has to be completed without any light source. Once ready, the dry maeng da white leaves are crushed into fine powder before it is packaged for export.

White Vein Maeng Da Profile

White maeng da is one of the best kratom strains. Highly potent, it is prized a great strain due to its refreshing and invigorating aroma. For this reason, this variety is best for kratom users with some experience.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. Michael
    Verified Buyer

    I have found my new place to purchase! Because of the reviews I decided to try it and I am very happy with the white vein. And the free samples were awesome. And I can’t forget the jellybeans!

  2. Amy

    Just got my order, super fast shipping, Monica was so helpful, HUGE bags of free samples, and jelly beans! 🙂 Don’t let the amazing prices fool you, the quality is TOP NOTCH!!!! Thank you 🙂 I never leave reviews but I just needed to say how grateful I am to have found such an affordable and reliable company!

  3. Amy

    I just want to say THANK YOU MONICA. My shipment comes in tomorrow, and I am honestly almost in tears I’m so greatful. Recently I was reminded of Kratom; and thank goodness I found Nova!! After reading reviews saying that you have smaller capsules I was overjoyed! Also the cost and quality are absolutely unmatched; thank you Monica for your quick response to my email and all that you do! Can’t wait to try my 4 way split tomorrow!!! 🙂

  4. Logan Tullos
    Verified Buyer

    This is by far the best kratom vendor I’ve tried. I have bought from them every time since the first time I bought from them. That shipping is quick and I have never not received my order. The consistency of the product is amazing, I always know how a certain dose will hit me even from different bags or batches. Fair prices, especially since you can get 2 50 cap (or 50g powder) with the order for free in addition to free shipping. They are a very nice company.

  5. carsrule26

    Hello , I jus need to say thanks again to Monica and whoever else at Nova ..I’ve been all over the place trying other vendors and there’s no place like this..I hope you continue to keep the cost consistent bc its really tough out here and things jus keep going up &up..also the white Maeng Da does the job intended.. Every one i tried so far has a strong , long lasting aroma 😉😉 and fresh as you can get , period..have a good dau

  6. T B
    Verified Buyer

    Very nice. I previously went to a local store and paid twice as much for almost 1/2 the amount and that was before using the online coupon code and receiving the free samples. Plus the person at the local store was less than helpful, they seemed like I was bothering them for asking about the products. I would much rather order from home and have it delivered than go to that store again. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order in 2 days and was amazed to see the amount of product that was in the package. The free samples were of stains I never had before so its nice to be able to try them.

    I like this White Maeng Da.

  7. Deanna
    Verified Buyer

    This is my 6th time ordering the White Maeng Da Kratom, and I cannot express enough how amazing this strain is. Nova always ships my orders super quickly and I love that they send free samples every single time! The jelly beans are such a nice little treat! You guys rock!

  8. Julie J
    Verified Buyer

    Quality strain from a superior vendor!

  9. Rachel Branan

    The White Maeng Da is really really good! I would definitely recommend trying it.

  10. Tom Demonbreun
    Verified Buyer

    If i could have said 10 stars i would have..I ordered both white and green mangda.It arrived at 3pm yesterday..I had already taken my dose of gas station kratom so i waited to take my new white Nova kratom till this morning…i took a dose of the hite a half hour ago and all i can say is…WOW…I cant wait to try the green this afternoon too..Everything about Nova is excellent..price. delivery quality..Im fixin to order more here in a minute

  11. Joe
    Verified Buyer

    Ive bought from Nova 3 times now and each time I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Good service, quick service and even better Kratom. White maeng da is my favorite so far and my last order i got a scratch card with 3 deals on it and my most recent order I’m getting $172 of product for $122.. and it’s awesome kratom. Fast and reliable service. Good deals and even better kratom. Nova has my business for as long as i use kratom. Kudos to this company for being f*cking awesome

  12. Toby

    😎 This kratom is the real deal! Totally impressive & tastes better than other companies’ products. 😎 Nova is a bona fide juggernaut for quality kratom, thanks! God bless & best of success🙏

  13. Emily Grimes
    Verified Buyer

    This is my personal favorite, White Maeng Da!! And can’t say enough about Nova! It’s true, you won’t want to even mess with any other company after you try Nova Kratom!! Monica has been so nice in handling one of our orders that we we weren’t satisfied with & we were able to replace it with a different kind!! They also let you pick your samples or you can choose to be surprised. I just want to say, is been a very nice Kratom journey since we found Nova, from the shipping, to the samples & jelly beans 🫘, right down to the excellent, on point customer service!! 💯

  14. meghanhertel
    Verified Buyer

    this is my second purchase from nova kratom and just like the first time, i am sooo satisfied! shipping was quick and the white strain is fantastic! yall have a customer for life!

  15. james
    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely great. super fast shipping and just a all around wonderful experience. I will definitely tell everyone about this strain and this site to place there orders.

  16. Chuck

    The prices definitely will never be beat. The quality is good as well. Some things do worry me tho. I bought a couple 4 way split kilos. Each different strains and different color but every different color strain all look the same. Same color green powder. But the quality is still good.

  17. chuckymg1985

    Everything about nova kratom is amazing! Their prices are better than anyone’s on the web and so far I’ve been very happy with the quality of their product. Not to mention with every order they send you 2 free 50g sample bags. Who could possibly go wrong when ordering from nova??

  18. dan hall

    I am so wary of trying new vendors for my kratom- there are just a million factors from shipping to quality to reliability- but this was absolutely fantastic. Quick shipping, sent out the day-of-order, and the quality is absolutely amazing. Some of the best White Maeng Da I’ve come across in 7+ yrs

  19. Aaron
    Verified Buyer

    I would always sit around most of the day, so I come across nova Keaton, so I decided to buy some am I so ever glad I did. I will be a customer for life

  20. Stan
    Verified Buyer

    I was spending boat loads of $$ on extracts and decided to try Nova. This white vein is not for amateurs I was big on extracts because I was afraid that powders wouldn’t do it for me. Good stuff I can’t wait to try the Green Maeng Da.

  21. Ashley Brumley
    Verified Buyer

    This is really great. Thank you!!

  22. Mme

    I ordered the free samples and paid the shipping thinking yeah ok! Incredibly fast delivery that came with 2 50g vacuum sealed packs!!! Customer service like this made an instant customer out of me!!! Can’t forget the jelly beans to sweeten the deal! It’s the little things for me!!!
    FYI it’s my first time trying kratom…. wanted to see what all the hype was about and I’m very please with my experience!

  23. iamaldin
    Verified Buyer

    I am so happy I came across Nova. The kratom was top tier in terms of quality. Monica the owner is extremely fast to reply to any questions or concerns. You have yourself a lifelong customer. You can’t find amazing kratom, customer service, amazing deals on kratom.

  24. srwilson8567
    Verified Buyer

    The quality of the products I’ve purchased offered by Nova Kratom is excellent. All of the products come in a vacuum sealed pouch which is resealable. When you open the pouch It smells like someone just picked the leaves earlier that day… that’s fresh.
    To me the most impressive part of my sales interaction with Nova Kratom was the customer service. When I had a question it was promptly and politely answered….in a personable manner.

  25. Casey Jones
    Verified Buyer

    Wow, you just found a new online customer. Not only are the prices so much better than what I was paying. I was so impressed in the quality.

    What really got me is that I take capsules and I expected my free samples to be loose powder like the other companies do; but they put my samples in capsules!!! Holy Crap! That won me over BIG a time. Helped me
    try the other sample brands you sent quickly. I am not a fan of jelly beans but I appreciate the the the thought. I will gladly accept another $10 off gift card that I received however…lol Another order already placed.

  26. stanfields051478
    Verified Buyer

    Best White stran ever…. Thanks 👍🙏👍🙏

  27. Everett B.

    Best prices in town, split kilo 4 strains, who would have thought!! I love Nova

  28. brendon.padi
    Verified Buyer

    This company is outstanding! Their product is not only high quality, but it’s also very affordable. There’s no doubt that the customer service is top notch, the shipping is free, and the packaging is sleek. If possible, I’d give them 100 stars.

  29. M.J.
    Verified Buyer

    Good price for good kratom. I think the white maeng da is my favorite. Customer service is great. Shipping is free. Overall a good experience. Thank you Nova! I will be ordering again.

  30. Jessica Sullivan
    Verified Buyer

    I have not received my item yet and I will write a review of that when I do receive it, but I want to give a review now just on the price, that alone deserves its own review. The smoke shop sells 60 capsules for 30 bucks and on here I’ll be getting 250 for the same price, that is amazing. I have tried other shops and this company already beats them on price alone, so we will see, once I receive it, how speedy it gets here and how well quality it is thank you!

  31. Brit Wood-Wright

    This company is definitely one of the best ones I’ve tried and will purchase again:)

  32. pinemen6
    Verified Buyer

    This is my second time writing a review I just can’t say enough about nova kratom like I said In my other review I am a kratom vet I have been using it for many years I have tried all smoke shops and most online purchases but nova kratom is the king of all every strain I have tried the red the white the green the yellow and even the train wreck is by far the best I will stay with nova kratom for the rest of my kratom orders

  33. Frank Selmon
    Verified Buyer

    This is my go to and it’s always the best. The customer service and quick shipping are top notch. I’m so happy I found these guys.

  34. Steven

    Just wow, I thought that nothing could be as good as the white Borneo…this is better! I absolutely love this. I’ve had hundreds of different brands but this one is top notch, do not sleep on this buy it!!!!

  35. ginger s
    Verified Buyer

    I just love this strain. i gave some to my daughter and she was impressed to . we both couldn’t believe the price so much cheaper then smoke shops even better with the 20% coupon .

  36. Edith
    Verified Buyer

    The customer service is excellent to say the least. They respond quickly to queries via email in details and help you with your orders. Oooh!! And the quality of their products is great. Highly recommended

  37. Denis
    Verified Buyer

    Customer service was excellent. Responded very quickly when I needed help with order placement.

  38. C.K
    Verified Buyer

    What a great combination: great product and top-notch customer service. What more can users ask for from a business? I can’t say enough good things!

  39. Austin F.
    Verified Buyer

    Nova Kratom’s customer service and product is top-notch. Fast and courteous customer. I would highly recommend them.

  40. Benny
    Verified Buyer

    Your product is always excellent.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and quick free shipment! Thank you Nova.

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