📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Super White Kratom


Super White Kratom

As its name suggests, super white kratom is one of the strongest white vein kratom strains. It is named after its incredibly high alkaloid concentration.

How Is Super White Vein Kratom Made?

Super white kratom is made from the youngest kratom leaves located at the bottom of the kratom tree. These leaves are tender and are exposed to minimal amounts of sunlight, factors that contribute to its unique alkaloid profile. Mostly grown in Southeastern Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, it is made by picking the largest young leaves which are fermented, dried, and crushed into fine powder. These leaves are then dried and crushed before it is packed into its final form for shipment.

Super White Vein Profile

Super white is one of the strongest kratom strains. Highly potent. This strain is prized for its unique experience and reliability. Due to its potency, it is recommended only for experienced users.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. Joel

    The best strain I’ve had in a long time. Possibly ever? Hits great every time.

  2. leeradical42

    I was sceptical at first cause low prices usually me average quality, but will say I was so impressed by not only the quality but the packaging, delivery everything about my experience was amazing and this super white was outstanding I am very impressed and I will say I have a new go to vendor for here on our and will be buying my products from here for now on, absolutely amazing company.

  3. crystal.trainmydog

    This kratom is super high quality! I’m so impressed! I’ve spent many years trying out all of the online kratom vendors, and this is the first time I actually feel like CREDIT IS DUE!! Bow down to the super white.. its clean tasting and gives me a little extra then what I’m used to! My husband and I personally like the whites, and I’ve tried the white Java, and the white maylay (those are very good also), and now I’m back to try some others! I really appreciate the samples and the jelly beans too! I wish there was a way to pick your sample color because I don’t really do red kratom, but Thanks a ton for all of it! I’ll be buying my kratom HERE from now on!

  4. Robert haynes
    Verified Buyer

    Ive used kratom from many places and this company is hands down the best….simply amazing !!!

  5. Toby Moore

    🔥Holy cannoli🔥 This is high powered & 1 of the best whites I’ve ever had😎 Mix it with some green or red too if you want those colors livened up & more dynamic🔥 Thanks, Nova🙏 Lastly, I’ll say- wow!😎

  6. Carrie
    Verified Buyer

    This is the best kratom I have ever used it’s definitely potent and the shipping was amazingly fast beautiful packaging the free samples were very generous and I got free jelly beans thank you so much I will definitely be a return customer

  7. Jay

    Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve had the Red, and green strains. Nova kratom has the lowest prices by far, best quality. A YouTuber advised me to try Nova he sweared by it. Got yourself a customer for life.

  8. Alexander Lawson
    Verified Buyer

    I used to think everything that wasnt red maeng da was bunk and barely noticeable until I got sample bags of nova super white and yellow elephant. Now I am enlightened. Looking forward to trying more!

  9. Brian Grigor
    Verified Buyer

    Customer service is great and fixed a mistake I made on my order! Quality product and I can tell it works! The free jelly beans were a nice top-off to my experience. I have no reason to purchase or look anywhere else which gives me a peace of mind👍🏼 Thank you

  10. Julie Smersh

    When it comes to whites, Nova’s Super White is out of this world. This Super White from Nova is currently my absolute most favorite variety of any type from anywhere. Seriously, it just blows away the competition. This variety is so good that one can cut back on the amounts and still get your socks knocked off. Amazing product from an even more amazing company. Thank you, Nova!

  11. Everett Massotti
    Verified Buyer

    Love this strain. Everything I order from here is great.

  12. Cody Walker
    Verified Buyer

    One of the best strains I’ve ever had! 10/10!

  13. Sam
    Verified Buyer

    Nova did it to me again! I tried this originally as a sample first.
    I immediately ordered more.
    I had never tried whites before and didn’t realize how good they actually were.
    The Super White has won me over. This instantly became a “go-to”!
    The Super White is a winner!

  14. Joe

    Been using white vein kratom for about a decade, this IS THE BEST. Not only the best but $70 cheaper by the kilo than most places I’ve found. Ships from Colorado to Ohio in 2-3 days every time. The white vein Dragon from nova is great too, but super white just hits different

  15. David G.

    Best kratom vendor by far I’ve experienced in my 6 years of using kratom. Best quality kratom, best customer service, fastest shipping, best prices. Im sooo impressed with this place.


    Looking forward to getting my next order w some other white veins to try out.

  17. Amy Nulle
    Verified Buyer

    I have been a long time Kratom buyer. This is the best I have found. I started using extract because the powder wasn’t cutting it, but it’s really expensive after awhile. I’m so glad I found Nova! Thanks!

  18. Justin
    Verified Buyer

    Great prices, shipped fast too. Good quality and I like that the mylar is nearly vac sealed and air tight. I may get some extras knowing it’ll keep fresh!

  19. michelliott0102
    Verified Buyer

    Crazy good strain!!! I mix super white with a little superior red dragon!
    Monica is the sweetest and the entire staff is incredible!!! I’ve never received such amazing customer service EVER! I had a small problem with shipping on one of my orders (totally not Novas fault it was USPS) they fixed the problem and sent a free 250g bag for my troubles. Now that’s an amazing company and it wasn’t even their fault! But that’s why they stand out with their insanely great customer service!

  20. tylerisabell
    Verified Buyer

    I had forgotten to put in part of my address, but within 5 minutes of sending an email about the issue she contacted me and fixed my mistake. That’s some above and beyond customer service.

    It is my first time actually ordering kratom myself, but from the teaspoon I took earlier id say this is pretty high quality.

    That along with freebies, a discount, and some candy thrown in with the kratom, I’d rate it 6/5 if I could. Cannot recommend Nova enough and I will be back.

  21. Robin Webb Walls
    Verified Buyer

    I received my shipment of Super White incredibly quick. Excellent quality, reasonably priced. Nova has earned another new loyal customer.

  22. nostic648
    Verified Buyer

    Hands down the best strains around in strength and quality novas shipping is awsome and potent kratom. I have been buying for about a yr from nova and are staying with them forever lol best just try it your self best prices quality everything great COMPANY

  23. Eric Greer
    Verified Buyer

    First time buying super white here and it’s the best kratom I’ve ever bought! Very clean. I will be buying from nova only from here on out! Very fast shipping with 2 free samples , and they gave me Hand written note on the receipt and some jelly beans! Lol this place is great thanks Nova!!!

  24. Emily Grimes

    Super White is super awesome! I can’t really explain it. It was another sample I requested (yeah you can do that!) along with the White Dragon. I just had trouble figuring out which one I liked better 😆

  25. Robert Haulman

    NOVA ROCKS, this particular strain was the bomb diggity 🐕

  26. Emily Grimes

    This is one of the 2- 50g sample bags I got with my order. I do like it a lot!! I was super excited when I got both Super White AND Red Dragon!!! 😁 We have only been using Trainwreck of a different brand for the last year and a half. We were really nervous to buy online (first time buying online) as the prices are around $20 cheaper for a kilo of the Nova brand Tainwreck!! I’ll be leaving a review on it as well. The shipping to longer than what I thought it would, but I don’t order a lot of things online. I think it would help people to know they’re ship from Colorado Springs, CO. We are in MO so from the moment I clicked order on Monday afternoon 2:35pm, the package arrived Friday morning at 9:02am BUT it hadn’t been shipped out until Tuesday so technically it did ship in 3 days!! And I’m not complaining because we got a really good deal on here!!! That’s also really not Nova’s fault. You can’t really give out such awesome deals and then pay a while lot too overnight a package 📦!! The jelly beans went to our 5 year old 🥰 Please don’t hike your prices… You just gained 2 new customers!! Thank you much Nova!! 💞💐
    -Mike & Emily Grimes

  27. Michael Long
    Verified Buyer

    I wanted to start off by saying I hardly ever write reviews.. But when you have a quality product backed by a company that is ran so extremely well, they’re able to afford high quality kratom at a fraction of the price.. You have to leave a review! If you’re not ordering from Nova, you’re not getting the best kratom experience.. Period. Now on to the review..

    Super White; White Vein Kratom:
    I had some kratom capsules from another vendor and you can tell the difference.. The powder looks SO much whiter and higher quality than other said vendor. The kratom comes vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.. I also received 2 FREE bag of kratom 50 count capsules, making an already great deal better.. I truly couldn’t recommend this company and product any more!! Thank you Nova!!!

  28. John Jensen
    Verified Buyer

    This is a weird one. My brother loves it so I’m giving 5 stars. It’s a bit intense though for me at least.

  29. Justin

    Really, cant beat the rates compared to down the street. White vein is great

  30. Dylan Riddle


  31. Rich

    I’m relatively new Kratom user and don’t write reviews. Awesome product!! Works well for me!!!

  32. Jeffrey Troupe
    Verified Buyer

    I don’t like writing reviews but I feel obligated to take the time and show my appreciation for this company. I’m actually really angry that I didnt know about this place a long time ago. Trust me, their kratom is LEGIT! I have been a kratom connoisseur for over 10 years. I’ve bought kratom from a ton of different vendors including EZ Kratom, Happy Hippo Herbals, Super Speciosa, etc and this is by FAR the best. Not even in the same league. Even the packaging is top notch. I seriously don’t have 1 negative thing to say about this kratom. The only thing that I would change would be the method of shipping, simply because I’m not too fond of UPS. But they also have a USPS shipping method available as well so it’s no big deal. Other than that, I’m extremely grateful for this company and their products. In my opinion, they have no competition.

  33. Heath
    Verified Buyer

    Cant say enough good things about this. It’s the total package at the price an average person with a family can afford. As long as they keep pumping out clean, powerful, affordable kratom I will be a buyer good Lord willing!!!!

  34. spamaway

    Super white is really good – I love it!

  35. Travis Abdo
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing service! Amazing product! Never tried Super White before and am well pleased with it. I have used another well known website to get my kratom, but will be usign Nova from here on out. Really nice how Nova wrote a little note on my invoice as well. Cannot recommend them ehough.

  36. jaskylestewart49
    Verified Buyer

    This stuff is amazing! I mix it with Super Red (with a ratio of 80% Super White; 20% Super Red)

  37. Salvatore Gibson
    Verified Buyer

    By far my favorite strain, Super white is my go to. Been along time user of Kratom, and this is hands down the best company for quality and service.

  38. doug020163
    Verified Buyer

    The Super White kratom powder is my favorite of anything I’ve tested from this shop. Very potent and it works for my condition. Thanks Nova

  39. Michel L.
    Verified Buyer

    I can’t recommend Nova highly enough! It has a wide variety of products, reasonable rates, and excellent customer service.

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