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Red Maeng Da Kratom


Red Maeng Da Kratom

One of the strongest varieties of all red vein kratom, red vein maeng da kratom is a strain loved for its affordability and long-lasting effects. Its name “Maeng Da” comes from a local Thai slang that translates to “pimp grade”, a term that highlights the superiority and quality of the variety.

How Is Red Vein Maeng Da Made?

Maeng da red is believed to have originated from Thailand after expert kratom farmers produced the variety from a grafting process where two parent strains are fuse together. Red vein maeng da kratom is currently cultivated in the lush and tropical rainforests of southeast Asia where it thrives in the high heat and humidity. It is made by harvesting mature leaves which are dried. These leaves then go through an additional process where water is added to the leaves, squeezed, and dried again in full sun resulting in its highly desirable qualities.

Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom Profile

Packed with alkaloids and flavonoids, red maeng da is famous for its deep and soothing aroma. Said to be 22 times more potent that other red vein strains, it offers a unique experience without causing the user to feel overwhelmed. Its most notable alkaloid compounds are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

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  1. Meghan Murphy

    I love red maeng das, I just recently purchased a sample pack from nova because I have heard great reviews, I was a little reluctant because recently I’ve been seeing less than stellar reviews on Reddit. I am extremely happy i didn’t listen to the negativity. I got this strain in my sample pack and I absolutely love it! I have lupus and it helps ease the pain without the exhaustion. My boyfriend even tried some of my nova samples and he loved them too. I can’t wait to try the other strains !

  2. David Violette
    Verified Buyer

    I’m always really skeptical of reviews and proceed with caution especially when the reviews look like it’s too good to be true but in this case….I am completely blown away. The reviews weren’t lying. The prices can’t be beat. Not only are the prices beyond reasonable but to get a 25% discount and next day shipping for FREE? What?! There’s literally nothing to complain about. Even the packaging is amazing. I know it sounds trivial but I notice the little things and I was impressed with the storage bags this company uses. You don’t have to fight with sealing the bag. Not to mention that it’s a tight seal. Now onto the product itself: again no complaints. Just strong enough for my needs.
    I’m totally sold. You found yourself a recurring customer.

  3. sparkx48
    Verified Buyer

    Super potent kratom absolutely better than the last vender I was going through even though the last vendor was great as well. Nova has super fast shipping got it on the 3rd day after I ordered. They were also generous enough to throw in two small bags of kratom two different strains jelly beans and a $10 gift card! O & the powder mixed really well no lumps & don’t have to stir it forever!! Thank you so much Novakratom.!

  4. Michael Williams
    Verified Buyer

    The red vein Maeng Da kratom definitely works for me and wife as we are in our 60’s. Wife need to go one more gram to reach the 5 grams dosage tomorrow she needs for her back. I didn’t have to listen to her cry of pain as much today even tho it was 4 grams. Tomorrow, she should be at even less or no pain. She has been crying every single day for years. Enough of myself and wife. Get the damn thing. Don’t thanks me. Thanks Nova!

  5. Nathan Cole
    Verified Buyer

    Incredible customer service, great products (this RMD is smooth), shockingly fast shipping, prices are beyond reasonable, site is easy to navigate, access to strain alkaloid percentages and COA reports before buying, multiple payment options, dope packaging, free samples of high-quality product (instead of old cheap batches as you see with other companies), and always a very thoughtful written note in the packaging. Pick any aspect of doing business and they exceed expectations.

  6. Stacey Foster

    Nova Kratom has a Supreme product, speedy delivery and friendly service. I am a lifer with Nova kratom

  7. Melissa

    Perfect daytime red for me. It’s a bit relaxing but doesn’t make me tired. Works incredible for my pain. Thank you Nova!

  8. Ezekiel White
    Verified Buyer

    My shipment of 500g just got here. I thought all these reviews were lying! My shipment came with some jellybeans, a nice note, and even 100g of extra samples! Also this stuff is working great. Not even 30 minutes after my dose, and my back feels way better than my cheap gas station maeng da did. Safe to say I’m gonna keep going with nova from now on.

  9. James B

    I am just blown away! This product is top notch. I was using a different vendor and getting okay kratom, then they upped their prices by double! I searched high and low and read a ton of reviews and suggestions on Reddit. Finally found Nova and there’s no looking back! My go-to from now on for sure! Thank you, Nova, for doing what you do. I really appreciate you. Great kratom, excellent prices, super fast shipping. The best, hands down.

  10. Tim Gignac
    Verified Buyer

    High quality kratom and high quality business. Shipping is the fastest I’ve had when ordering kratom online. They also threw in a couple free samplers and jelly beans.

    100% my new supplier. Highly recommend.

  11. Emily Hoover
    Verified Buyer

    Yo this company is legit! My previous vendor has been taking a break to revamp their company, but honestly I’m sold on Nova now. You really can’t find this quality anywhere else and still save some $. With 1-2 day free shipping over a certain amount, you really can’t go wrong. Love this company!!

  12. Megan Lindsey
    Verified Buyer

    I cannot begin to stress just how impressed i am. Found out about this site via reddit and gave it a shot. Ordered 500g of red maeng da and green maeng da(posted this review on both).

    The taste is a lot less bitter than im used to but the strength absolutely isn’t diluted! That ALONE is amazing.

    I received both of them within a very reasonable time! I ordered the day before Xmas and got it on the 27th! Thats heckin amazon speeds!

    Now the absolute cherry on top? along with my two giant 500g bags i ordered they included two 50g sample bags of white and yellow and HECKIN JELLY BEANS TO TAKE THE TASTE OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! I didn’t even think of that idea! So not only does this company provide something I desperately need for a price i can possibly afford(i have pretty major nerve, bone, muscle, and joint damage and cant handle gabapentin) but their customer service is above and beyond stellar and imma shout this at everyone ever. Never going anywhere else ever again.(posted this on both items i ordered).

  13. Megan Lindsey
    Verified Buyer

    I cannot begin to stress just how impressed i am. Found out about this site via reddit and gave it a shot. Ordered 500g of red maeng da and green maeng da. I received both of them along woth sample bags of 50g of white and yellow veins to try and HECKIN JELLY BEANS TO TAKE THE TASTE OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! I didn’t even think of that idea! So not only does this company provide something I desperately need for a price i can possibly afford(i have pretty major nerve, bone, muscle, and joint damage and cant handle gabapentin) but their customer service is above and beyond stellar and imma shout this at everyone ever. Never going anywhere else ever again.

  14. pinemen6
    Verified Buyer

    Well I just now placed another order I am telling ya nova kratom is the king of all there is not another vendor are place that can even come close to nova kratom I will stay wit nova for the rest of my kratom experiences keep rocking nova you the king of all

  15. pinemen6
    Verified Buyer

    Well hers another review I have been dealing wit nova kratom for a good while now and let me tell ya it’s by far the best vendor of kratom you can get I have tried all the color strains and even the train wreck every single one is top off the line they can’t be beat it don’t matter what your choice may be but it’s all good can’t go wrong on none of them..nova kratom is king of all

  16. Marilyn Coey
    Verified Buyer

    All the reviews are spot on. Great company with high quality products and super fast shipping. I ordered on Monday and it was on my door step Wednesday morning. Love the free samples too!

  17. pinemen6
    Verified Buyer

    I am a kratom vet I have bought in stores and online nova kratom is by far the best on its quality and quality this is the place to go great staff great costumer service and very fast delivery and a very honest kratom vendor like I said im a kratom vet and have tried them all nova kratom is for sure the way too go they can’t be beat I know that 100 percent for sure

  18. Gregory J.
    Verified Buyer

    Always surpassing my expectations. Quality product at nearly half the price of my previous vendor.

  19. Tiffany K.
    Verified Buyer

    Never thought I’d grab premium quality Red maeng da powder at less than $100. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about Nova Kratom and to watch for their deals. I got a 20% discount and free shipping! Thanks guys

  20. Kristian B.
    Verified Buyer

    Thank you Nova Kratom. Your red maeng da is god send. It’s my first time trying red kratom and I can say that it’s great.

  21. Shane L.
    Verified Buyer

    Consistent quality red maeng da, solid company, and fast shipment of products. I will be coming back for more.

  22. Dave S.
    Verified Buyer

    Great product
    Very Potent
    Well packaged
    Delivery always on time
    Nova Kratom has been my main supplier since day one….I’d highly recommend them.

  23. Marcus J.
    Verified Buyer

    I’m not the type that leaves reviews but for this one I must. As a long term kratom user I’ve shopped from nearly 5 different online vendors whom I’ve had to break ties with after a few shipments notably due to lack of consistency in quality and slow shipment.
    Well, my search for a reliable vendor brought me to Nova Kratom sometimes last year. So I decided to shoot my shot and order a Kilo of Red MD. For one, the checkout process was swift and fast. Secondly, the customer support got in touch to assure me of timely delivery as their website claims.
    I was skeptical of their claims at first but I was very surprised to receive my Red MD powder the next day. The packaging was perfect! The aroma – unnerving, and I could tell the potency from a mile away.
    I will give an in-depth review of this product once I’m almost done with my Kilo… lol. I highly recommend Nova Kratom products.

  24. Nick M.
    Verified Buyer

    Great! Great! Great! Best red maeng da I have used so far. A++ service.

  25. Richard T.
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve shopped kratom from a number of vendors over the years. But truth be told – Nova Kratom has been the best so far. Quality product! Fast shipping! Currently my favs.

  26. Winnie H.
    Verified Buyer

    I ordered the three maeng da strains white, green, and red. However, I did not notice I had mistakenly placed an order for green malay instead of maeng da.
    I contacted the customer service team and they got back to me on time. They allowed me to return the product and they immediately shipped out the right product. All this happened at no extra charge.
    I’d like to commend the team for the great customer service they rendered me. The products were also of high quality and they worked well.

  27. Ryan G.
    Verified Buyer

    Very good stuff from Nova Kratom. Finely ground and very potent. Compared to other red veins that I have purchased from other vendors, Nova’s red maeng da has different yet more enjoyable effects, more like topnotch kratom effects.
    Out of hype, I have purchased red maeng da from one particular vendor that I won’t name here, but to be honest it can’t match this one. I haven’t enjoyed a smooth and strong powder like this one in a long….long time.
    Oooh and its cheap too…..awesome stuff…highly recommended.

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