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Elephant Kratom

With Kratom’s growing popularity over the past decade, people are now aware of its many benefits. Different strains of Kratom, including Elephant Kratom, make the product more interesting. Derived from the larger leaves of Kratom, Elephant Kratom is a potent strain with a wide range of various alkaloids. Farmers of this Kratom strain cultivate the organic product in rich volcanic soils in the dense tropical forests of Southeast Asia and allow the leaves to gather as many alkaloids as possible before harvesting. At New Dawn Kratom, we have a strong relationship with experienced farmers who cultivate various varieties of Elephant Kratom, including Red Elephant, Green Elephant, and White Elephant Kratom. We ensure to source only the best leaves with the right alkaloid profile for our customers to enjoy the full potential of the strain. We use FDA-approved packing materials to ensure you get fresh and quality Elephant Kratom powder.

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