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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Yellow Vietnam Kratom


Yellow Vietnam Kratom

One of the most popular yellow vein varieties on the market, yellow vein Vietnam kratom is a potent and rare kratom strain as it only grows in a specific environment. Yellow Vietnam kratom is considered the poster child of all yellow vein kratom.

How Is Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom Made?

Originating from Vietnam, yellow vein Vietnam has been around for many years. However, it has only started to grow in popularity as this strain has only been exported in the last few years. It grows wild near the Mekong River and Vietnam’s Long Xuyen. The minerals carried downstream by the Mekong River feeds the Vietnam kratom trees. Since this area is difficult to access, the local kratom farmers are unable to keep up with market demand. To make yellow Vietnam, the leaves are harvested and dried in the sun for a higher alkaloid content.

Yellow Vein Vietnam Profile

Yellow Vietnam is famed for its smooth experience as it has a sweet aftertaste that is loved by many kratomites. It offers a natural and gradual experience that is suitable for both beginners and veterans. For this reason, it is a prized strain in the kratom community.

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  1. Brandy Mccreary

    Nova is the best all around for potency, appearance, quality, the bags they put them in. Delivery speed , price is just amazing. I have paid three times as much from several different vendors, that didn’t match any of the things I mentioned above. I’ll about guarantee you this will be your last kratom source. I changed to Nova 2 years ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Would give them ,20 stars if there was a option

  2. Amy

    Got it as a free “sample” (sample is in quotes because it’s a big bag!!!) and wow!!! So strong, very fresh, thank you Monica!!! I will be ordering again when my stash runs out!!! 🙂

  3. Cody Walker
    Verified Buyer

    One of the better yellow’s I’ve tried from any vendor. I will definitely be buying again, bravo Nova! 👏 👏

  4. Johhny G

    I tried a bunch of different brands nova is the best in all aspects! price is unbeatable im going to order for my third time i love red strains but this yellow Vietnam no joke very nice smooth strain i suggest it. Yellow Vietnam and superior Red dragon are my favorite right now.

  5. Shaun
    Verified Buyer

    Wow! Very fast shipping, and I got 50g of red vein Maeng Da and white vein Jong Kong, and some Jelly Belly jellybeans! Thank you! 🙂

  6. thepainterscup
    Verified Buyer

    I just ordered for the 2nd time. This was a sample in my first order and had to order more. Smooth, nice uptake. Best company around for sure. Fast speedy delivery and as always, sweet jelly beans!! 🙂 Love Nova. My all time go to.

  7. Chris Miller

    I have tried so many online vendors for kratom I had almost given up. I ordered a 250 grams of a Red Maeng DA and was blown away. Planning of trying the whites now!

  8. ab5208337820

    This is a sample I received. I’ve tried green kratom and it wasn’t for me. I loved the red kratoms. Wow, I may have never tried yellow vein if not for the sample from this company. This strain has been the best for me, and I love that about this strain of Kratom. My next purchase will definitely be some yellow vein Vietnam, it is so good and becoming my favorite. If you are second guessing ordering from this company, don’t. I have received the best value/quality/customer service, I can’t even remember the last time I was so satisfied with a company and my purchase. Thank you Nova Kratom!

  9. Kimberley

    I got this as a sample and it is incredible! Excellent. Customer service is the best I’ve ever had.

  10. chefofshadows
    Verified Buyer

    Nova is hands down the best most consistent company to order kratom from..I’ve been searching high and low for years but after I came across Nova I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you Monica and the Nova team! Oh and the jelly beans!

  11. dmacdslate

    Amazing speed! Unbelievable!!!!
    good quality. Plus they give you different strains to try for free.

  12. Meagan Vahue

    I got this strain (yellow Vietnam) as a sampler with my order and now I will be ordering a larger bag of the capsules Friday ! I think it just might be new favorite, Just right !

  13. Zachary Peebles

    Just Got A 50g Bag Of Some Yellow Vietnam Also Got Green Bali And Green Maylay All Are Very Good The Way The Yellow Vietnam Wow 1 Of My Favorites And Ive Had An Array Of Different Vendors Kratom.

  14. Evan Rosenthal
    Verified Buyer

    #1 YELLOW! The Vietnam is one of my favorite strains, most certainly my top yellow. (Bali is a close 2nd)

  15. Nate6515

    Received this as a free sample and it’s now my number one favorite! It has a really nice flavor compared to most. Thanks for the samples and 10$ gift card!

  16. Brian Barszcz
    Verified Buyer

    Nice strain! Fresh and potent with a mellow burn.

  17. Christa Peach

    I got my first order today. I ordered a green and got two free samples with it. This was one of them. It was my first time trying yellow and it might be my new go to.

  18. Leisa

    Very nice one! absolutely amazing

  19. Taylor44
    Verified Buyer

    I love this vendor

  20. George B.
    Verified Buyer

    I picked the yellow Vietnam kratom through the vendor’s website. I thought they would ask for more money than my previous vendors. To my surprise, the strain costs almost half the amount I spend on my previous vendor.
    I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the product to verify if it is of the best quality. A few hours later I got my order and it did not look different from the kratom I get from my regular vendor. I decided to try it and to my surprise, it was amazing.
    I highly recommend this vendor to any user who would want to save their money and enjoy quality kratom.

  21. Susan62910
    Verified Buyer

    I have used yellow Vietnam kratom for decades now and I have never come across such a top-notch variety. Very potent. I will order more soon for my friends.

  22. Ivan N.
    Verified Buyer

    Quick and courteous customer service is a hallmark of this company. Good-quality goods at a reasonable price This company’s products are pure and safe, and I would recommend them to everyone.

  23. Felix89003
    Verified Buyer

    Awesome strain..very fine too. Thanks Nova

  24. Prince M.
    Verified Buyer

    A friend recommended this vendor. The team of customer care helped me find the best variety of kratom. They really came through for me and I would highly recommend them.

  25. Julie
    Verified Buyer

    My shopping experience with Nova has been consistently positive for the past few months. They provide high-quality merchandise at a pricing that is competitive. Highly recommended.

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