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Yellow Sumatra Kratom


Yellow Sumatra Kratom

Yellow vein Sumatra kratom is one of the most difficult kratom strains to source as it is rarely available from kratom vendors making its existence almost unknown in the kratom community. However, those who try yellow vein Sumatra is surely to fall in love with it.

How Is Yellow Vein Sumatra Kratom Made?

Yellow Sumatra kratom is thought to originate from the Sumatran jungles of Indonesia that features excessive year-round temperatures, high humidity, acidic soil, and abundant rainfall. Yellow Sumatra thrives in this region due to the abundance of natural resources. Cultivated by local kratom experts, they harvest the young kratom leaves that then goes through a natural fermentation process. This process allows the alkaloids to oxidize. Once ready, the leaves are dried and crushed before it is exported for the kratom market.

Yellow Vein Sumatra Profile

Yellow Sumatra is a veery potent strain with a distinct alkaloid profile. It offers a unique experience unlike any other kratom strain. With truly powerful effects, yellow vein Sumatra is a must try for all kratom lovers.

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    Wow. I wasn’t expecting to get so many extra goodies. You guys are the fckin best and already my favorite! Can’t wait to try them all. So good!!

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    This is one of the best yellow vein kratoms I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing online. Thank you, Nova, for your quality product and prompt shipment.

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