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Yellow Maeng Da Kratom


Yellow vein maeng da kratom is a highly sought-after strain as it is a highly potent yellow vein kratom variety. The name “maeng da” comes from a local slang that translates to “pimp grade” in Thai, a name that highlights the quality and experience yellow maeng da kratom offers. Despite being somewhat of a rarity, it remains popular among the kratom community.


How Is Yellow Vein Maeng Da Kratom Made?

Yellow vein maeng da is thought to originate from Thailand as it has a profile that is most similar to Thai kratom. It is made by local kratom farmers who used a grafting process to fuse together the parent strains. Currently, yellow maeng da kratom is cultivated in many countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and more. In local communities, it is often consumed fresh or brewed into a tea. It is made by harvesting semi mature leaves which are dried. These leaves are then subjected through an additional process where water is added and squeezed out before the leaves are dried thoroughly and crushed.


Yellow Vein Maeng Da Profile

Yellow maeng da is a highly potent kratom variety. It is packed with more alkaloids and flavonoids compared to other yellow vein kratom strains. For this reason, yellow vein maeng da has longer lasting effects and offers an extraordinary experience when compared to its peers.


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    I’ve been using this strain for over an year after shifting from greem MD and I am totally satisfied. It perfectly balanced and doesnt have that annoying taste. Well, that’s according to me. It also dissolves easy in water and it effects…mmmh I cans say it always gives me that get up and go feeling. I highly recommend this strain from Nova

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