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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom


Yellow vein maeng da kratom is a highly sought-after strain as it is a highly potent yellow vein kratom variety. The name “maeng da” comes from a local slang that translates to “pimp grade” in Thai, a name that highlights the quality and experience yellow maeng da kratom offers. Despite being somewhat of a rarity, it remains popular among the kratom community.


How Is Yellow Vein Maeng Da Kratom Made?

Yellow vein maeng da is thought to originate from Thailand as it has a profile that is most similar to Thai kratom. It is made by local kratom farmers who used a grafting process to fuse together the parent strains. Currently, yellow maeng da kratom is cultivated in many countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and more. In local communities, it is often consumed fresh or brewed into a tea. It is made by harvesting semi mature leaves which are dried. These leaves are then subjected through an additional process where water is added and squeezed out before the leaves are dried thoroughly and crushed.


Yellow Vein Maeng Da Profile

Yellow maeng da is a highly potent kratom variety. It is packed with more alkaloids and flavonoids compared to other yellow vein kratom strains.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. Stephen S

    Thank you again Monica, for another beautiful strain!
    I will also say that, even though USPS in Denver gets lazy, it still gets here within the expected amount of time.
    And Monica doesn’t just settle when a customer Inquires on the package.
    She always immediately calls the shipping company, and pushes it through.
    Monica is an amazing individual and has a heart of gold.
    For nano kratom, you WONT find a better price or strain potency than you will get from nova.
    And if there are strains you wanna try, just email nova, directly after you place an order, and she will do an amazing job at ensuring you get to try those strains in question. Samples come with every order I’ve placed.
    The jelly belly is a beautiful touch as well, I get excited with butter popcorn jb’s!

  2. LW

    Im 72 . I dont like to use credit cards. Im a 52 boomer. Research told me to to try NOVA. Ordered super white and got some yellow and green extra for the price of the white i ordered. I like it. I dont care about the jelly bellies they sent but i like the super white. Will let you know about yellow and green later. Shipping was excellent. Will order again.

  3. Isaiah

    Freshest Yellow Vein Kratom I’ve had in very long time. Has fine grind texture as smooth as baby powder and hits just like a high quality Yellow should! I would have grabbed more than one bag in my split kilo if I would have known was this good! Thank You Nova for making Kratom of this caliber available at such a fair price 👏

  4. Lisa Hill
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing product, amazing customer service. The free samples are such a treat to try other strains before purchasing. Recommended to friends and will always purchase through Nova!! Thank you!

  5. weefdog
    Verified Buyer

    As long as I stay with the same dosage I have no jitters from the Kratom body dependence. I’m so glad I found Nova Kratom. Their products are high quality and the extra goodies are the cherry on top. I’m a Nova customer for life. Thanks!

  6. Manbearpig
    Verified Buyer

    So i got a free sample of this and it was really nice.

  7. Joan Hunt
    Verified Buyer

    So far I haven’t found that a particular strain is markedly better than another, but I haven’t tried every one – I use yellow and red Maeng Da primarily and also use the samples Nova has sent me.

  8. Carl Wallace

    Super fast shipping, first time tried the yellow Sumatra and loved it. That was a sample pack so ima order a kilo of that one too. Got the trainwreck and if it’s like what I tried before I know I’ll be super happy. Did I say how fast the shipping was? Thanks be ordering more soon

  9. Jeremy Mccreary

    OK this is gonna be a longer two part review. This will cover everything except potency because I just took the product today, next one will cover that. But I am a true kratom lover that has tried all the big online vendors plus headshop kratom. First shipping, fast better than most 2 and a half days for mine. Next package wow novas kratom comes in black bags great to keep uv rays etc, and even more impressive every bag was vacuum sealed. I’ve never seen this out of all the kratom I’ve purchased. The kratom , Smell and looks like done of the best I’ve seen, Price is the best I have found period way better than stuff I’ve paid 3 times as much. Customer service is fantastic, wanted to Change my order from powder to capsules and since I messaged them before it was packed the owner took care of that wow. One more huge plus for me they pack 0.5 gram of kratom powder in each capsule to make it much easier to take idk of any other companies doing this. Well highly highly recommended. Thanks Nova for helping me and my wallet. Wished I could give more stars.

  10. Jolene Robinson
    Verified Buyer

    Awesome products and I love jelly beans! You guys are making a huge difference to people like me.

  11. James Cipriani
    Verified Buyer

    I usually like red strains but wanted to try yellow strain and wow it’s excellent!!!

  12. Lauren Pustejovsky
    Verified Buyer

    Ayer readings the few reviews I was a little hesitant to ordering but paid for sample size of this and white maeng da since I had run out of mine from the co I usually do business with. I tried from here and I’m so glad I did! It’s more potent. Nova is my new company. More priced than what I had been paying but only slightly and so very worth it!

    Thank you Nova for your hard work!

  13. James Cipraini
    Verified Buyer

    Wow I have taken red veinand wanted to try yellow vein it’s awesome really. Nova had the best customer service ever!!!

  14. Lian

    Love the Jelly Belly beans. I’ve never tried a yellow before. I can’t wait to try it! You guys are awesome!

  15. Elijah

    I just want to make up for the 3-star review from that moron below who never actually tried the strain they’re reviewing.

  16. Thom

    You guys are great at service price speed and some of the best quality and variety I’ve seen. There’s some awful brands and companies out there for alot of different.. but some really great ones too like Nova. It’s a great product and I’d like to think you’re suppliers appreciate you and your employees are relatively happy.. and an eye on sustainability and respect for the plant itself.

  17. Brian Thompson

    I currently have not had yellow kratom (always red) but I am going to try it through Nova and leave an honest review Y’all be yourself and give a love one a hug

  18. gbtb

    Wonderful company and the owner, Monica couldn’t be more caring for her patrons. Well done !! Thank you so so much🙏🏻😊

  19. Austin F.
    Verified Buyer

    I’m really impressed with all the purchases I’ve made from Nova…every purchase is always amazing..and the quality too. I’m glad I found you guys.

  20. Benny
    Verified Buyer

    HQ kratom…will be buying again.

  21. N.K
    Verified Buyer

    It is hard to think of anything else to say about Yellow Maeng Da Kratom. This is the best Nova has ever done!

  22. CK
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve been using this strain for over an year after shifting from greem MD and I am totally satisfied. It perfectly balanced and doesnt have that annoying taste. Well, that’s according to me. I cans say it always gives me that get up and go feeling. I highly recommend this strain from Nova

  23. Denis
    Verified Buyer

    Customer service was excellent. Responded very quickly and fixed the problem right immediately.

  24. Christopher G.

    Fast, simple, and focused on the needs of the customer.

  25. Christopher G.

    Fast, simple, and focused on the needs of the customer. The outcome was better than expected.

  26. Agnes
    Verified Buyer

    It was a pleasure to deal with the company’s representatives. Please consider giving them all increases…..lol…they always seem to be able to make things work out in the end. Nova’s customer service representatives have the patience of saints when I run into problems with my orders, which isn’t often.

  27. Edith
    Verified Buyer

    This was amazing. I took advantage of the discount that the company was offering and decided to give it a try…damn this thing is an a** kicker. You just don’t get this type of powder from anywhere..very potent and silky fine..love it

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