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Yellow Horn Kratom

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A very popular kratom strain, yellow vein horn kratom is a relatively rare strain that is named after the shape of the kratom leaves with jagged edges that resemble horns. It is a potent strain prized by the kratom community.


How is Yellow Vein Horn Kratom Made?

Hailing from the forests of Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, yellow vein horn can only be cultivated in a specific area where access is difficult. The local kratom farmers use their traditional skills and methods to nurture these kratom trees. They also utilize the Kapuas River to keep them hydrated. By doing this, yellow vein horn has access to the minerals from the river, an important factor that contributes to its alkaloids profile. Combined with the time consuming and complex process of drying and fermenting the kratom leaves, the local farmers are unable to meet the demands of the market, making it a difficult to source strain.


Yellow Vein Horn Profile

Yellow horn is a strain loved for its uplifting yet mellow profile. One of the more potent kratom strains available, it has a robust and alluring aroma loved by many.

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