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White Katapang Kratom


White vein Katapang kratom is an obscure strain that is slowly winning the hearts of many kratom users. This strain is highly regarded as it stands out from its peers by offering a unique experience unlike any other.


How Is White Vein Katapang Kratom Made?

Hailing from west Kalimantan, white vein Katapang thrives on the dense and diverse jungles of Borneo. This region of Indonesia features regular heavy showers, high temperatures, and rich acidic soil. In this area, white Katapang kratom is fed by the Pawan River. Although this strain grows wild, it is now extensively cultivated in kratom farms in the region. It is made by harvesting young leaves which are fermented and dried before it is crushed using an industrial grinder into fine powder. White Katapang kratom powder is then packaged for export.


White Vein Katapang Profile

White vein Katapang kratom is loved for its potency and fresh scent. This fast acting and high impact strain is also longer lasting than most kratom strains, making it highly sought after by many white vein enthusiasts.

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  1. Ali

    Nova’s White Katapang is some of the best kratom I’ve had (including from Nova and from other vendors) for energy. It gives me a significant boost that outlasts other varieties.

  2. Tammy

    I received a sample of the capsules and I am back to buy more!

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