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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
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White Indo Kratom


White Indo Kratom

White vein Indo kratom is a strain that is often overlooked by new kratom users as other strains increase in popularity. Despite the fame of other varieties, white Indo kratom remains a favorite among many kratom veterans.

How Is White Vein Indo Kratom Made?

Thought to originate from Indonesia, white vein Indo is still cultivated in the lush evergreen forests of Indonesia. The local natives traditionally use white Indo in gatherings or as a remedy for many ailments. This strain thrives in nutrient-rich acidic soil and long hours of sunshine, factors that contribute to the strain’s unique alkaloid profile. White Indo is made by harvesting young leaves which are first washed and destemmed to increase the alkaloid concentration in the final product. These leaves are then subjected through a fermentation and drying process before it is crushed into fine powder.

White Vein Indo Profile

White Indo kratom is a potent yet mild variety.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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    Response time is excellent. The time it takes to get an answer has never been an issue, and the issues I’ve had have always been resolved satisfactorily. Thank you Nova.

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    Verified Buyer

    You guys never fail to wow me with your product! White elephant kratom is by far my best white vein and I believe that in case I decide to change the strain, I will still be ordering from you. Thanks

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    excellent product + service. 5-star

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    Great company. Thanks Nova

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    I know that when I place an order with Nova, my package will arrive on schedule. As a long-time customer, I can attest to their dependability. Highly recommended.

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