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White Dragon Kratom


White Dragon Kratom

One of the newer kratom strains on the market, white vein dragon kratom is already receiving much attention from kratom users from all over the world. Offering a truly unique experience, white dragon kratom is truly a must try for every kratom lover.

How Is White Vein Dragon Kratom Made?

The name for white dragon kratom comes from dragons as this mythical creature represents power in Asia. This name was chosen as it highlights the potency of the blend. It has been speculated that white dragon originated from Thailand as it has a similar to kratom strains from the same region. This potent strain is made by combining different strains of white kratom with its exact ratios being unique to each vendor. Typically, it contains white elephant and white maeng da kratom. The exact recipe is known only to the vendor.

White Vein Dragon Profile

White dragon kratom is a potent white kratom blend. It is loved for its predictability, reliability, and fast impact. This blend is generally only recommended for experienced kratom users due to its high potency.

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