📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Superior Red Dragon Kratom


A new and upcoming kratom variety, superior red vein dragon kratom is increasingly becoming popular in the kratom community. Superior red vein dragon is loved for its potency that has often been compared to red Thai kratom.


How Is Superior Red Vein Dragon Kratom Made?

While the origins of superior red vein dragon is unclear, it has been speculated by experts that it originated from Thailand as it has a similar profile to red Thai kratom with a much higher potency. Cultivated across multiple southeast Asian countries, this kratom strain is said to be hardier as it is more tolerant to fluctuations in its growing environment. It is made by handpicking and selecting only the most mature kratom leaves which are washed and destemmed. This process ensures that only the leafy parts remain as these parts have higher alkaloid concentrations compared to the stems. This then goes through a fermentation and drying process which further enhances its alkaloid levels.


Superior Red Dragon Kratom Profile

Superior red dragon kratom is highly sought after and loved for its affordability and predictability. It’s incredibly high potency has been attributed to its preparation that requires much detail. In fact, superior red dragon has been said to contain 100 types of alkaloids due to its unique genetic and alkaloid profile.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. Trey
    Verified Buyer

    A better work ethic has huge implications including gratitude!

  2. Amber Ariel Rieuf
    Verified Buyer

    As always this strain hits me right where I need it to! Thanks for the fast shipping nova! Your brand is my go to for all my kratom needs now. I literally have tried other brands and none of them are as good quality as yours. I can count on your capsules being just as powerful as your powder but don’t have to gag it down! Thanks for being a brand I can trust!

  3. Christopher Vanderlaan
    Verified Buyer

    Very happy how quickly it arrived and the free samples and jelly beans topped off the happiness. Product is amazing. Super smooth and powerful. The price was great. New customer for life here. Thank you

  4. Bryan

    Really a good quality Red ♥️ Definitely
    The best red I’ve ever taken for pain, I’m astonished💯 4.7/5.0.
    Ad a pinch of White 🐉 Dragon or White Thai for Euphoria

  5. Mona Watkins

    I received this as a free sample. I usually prefer greens, so it was nice to try this out. I’m so glad they included it, because it was perfect. I’ll definitely be ordering this next time I buy! Thanks for the free sample! 🙂

  6. Sherry Baker

    Just received my order a couple of days ago and I found a free gift of Dragon, and I thought I would try the Dragon.
    OMG this rocks.
    I’m so happy I could scream. I know it may not work that well for everyone, but I really hope it does. Thank you Nova for all you do!!!! You do a great job for us all. Thanx

  7. Heather Brown

    I have been using Kratom for about 2 years but I just ordered from Nova for the first time..I ordered a 4way split kilo!! I cannot wait to receive it and give all 4 strains a try!

  8. jogar813

    For me, it’s better than Red Bali.

  9. Sam
    Verified Buyer

    Originally this was shipped to me as a sample and I was hooked!
    This is definitely a “go-to” red for me.
    Nova runs a great business and I love the samples (which keep me trying more) and the Jelly Bellies.

  10. Zach Salem
    Verified Buyer

    Honestly I prefer the Red Maengda, that’s why it’s only 3 stars, but the service is excellent, shipping is quick, quality is good and the prices are good 👍

  11. John Jensen
    Verified Buyer

    Along with the regular Red Dragon cultivar, this baby is my weekly go to, I like to alternate as the experience of each is a little different. However the name is no joke as it really is superior. A qualitatively excellent experience that even a beginner will find worth their money.

  12. chasegill2

    It hits really hard. Great before bed. It’s heavy, very good kratom. I’ve tried Nova’s Super Red and I did not like it. It felt weird. But this one is phenomenal. The taste is interesting and different, not bad at all. I drink it out of a shot glass and I don’t even use a chaser, it tastes clean and natural. It’s very tolerable. Maybe I got lucky and got a perfect batch, but this kratom they sent me is insane. It’s perfect.

    I’ve been using Nova for months now, absolutely the best vendor out there. If you like Reds, you have to try this it’s amazing.

  13. Jamy Hardison

    Excellent strain!! It checks all the boxes for me. Very fresh and strong.

  14. Mike

    Nova kratom is cheaper there kratom works just as good as any headship but seem no matter what color vien you get it’s always the green color my experience going to head shops red vien always has a reddish tint to it or yellow having a yellowish tint to the green but seems seems nova kratom is always green and as good as any I have bought but does give me a question mark on quality but overall if you’re getting kratom the best place is Nova kratom.

  15. Amber Rieuf

    Took it for the first time today and whoa! Maybe it’s just me but this def is potent.

  16. Micah Owensby

    Even if they’re kratom was average, the whole Nova experience is still worth 5 stars. That is not the case, though. Fast shipping, nice packaging, good kratom. Oh, and Jelly Beans. Can’t forget the Jelly Beans 😁

  17. Evan Rosenthal

    I have an odd experience with this dragon & the white dragon. Both seemed mild like rather normal kratoms. But I decided after a few try’s to mix the two…WOW!! Total game changer!

  18. Corbin Hughes
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect like usual 🙂

  19. titusboone2002
    Verified Buyer

    Just got it today.

  20. Milo
    Verified Buyer

    This company is great. So glad I found them. Other vendors charge double the price, with inferior product. Just ordered Red Dragon because they sent me a sample and I really liked it.

  21. Evan Rosenthal

    Always adding free multiple 50g samples & the notorious jellybeans with a coupon! Crazy how nice this company is to its customers! Hard to find thing nowadays! Especially when they cost near HALF the price of other vendors and have a much bigger, better & unique selection! You CANNOT find a better kratom supplier! My order was only 70$ total! For an entire kilo plus 100g free! THANK YOU NOVA!

  22. spamaway

    Nova’s Superior Red Dragon is a wonderful red.

  23. James Weaver

    Very nice and great company to get it from

  24. Stacey Foster
    Verified Buyer

    I tried this Superior Dragon for the first time and loved the experience. Keep up the great work Nova Kratom.

  25. Jake

    Super fresh, came in within 3 days & was packaged less than a month ago. As expected, a potent strain. Before I even opened the bag, just breaking the seal I could smell the fantastic aroma! Great product!

  26. Martin G.
    Verified Buyer

    Solid kratom strain from this supplier. It came quicker than I expected. Will be ordering again soon.I highly recommend them

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