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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Super Red Kratom


Super Red Kratom

One of the rarest kratom varieties on the kratom market, super red kratom is loved for its potency and alkaloid profile. It is made through a special process that contributes to its unique experience.

How is Super Red Kratom Made?

Super red kratom is thought to made from the most mature kratom leaves that are located at the very top of the kratom tree. These leaves are the biggest and have the highest alkaloid content compared to other kratom leaves. Since they are located at the very top of the canopy, these leaves used to make super red kratom receives the most abundant amount of sunshine. Once these leaves are picked, they are washed thoroughly and fermented using a special process that contributes to its high alkaloid concentration. It is then dried and crushed before it is packed into its final form for shipment.

Super Red Kratom Profile

Super red kratom is usually one recommended by kratom veterans.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. Justin

    Super red is great on par with red maeng da, and red dragon. If you want to mix it up a little bit, I highly suggest trying this

  2. Rob
    Verified Buyer

    Great product at an even greater price, always comes with free samples and jelly beans too lol

  3. Matthew
    Verified Buyer

    Very good customer service!

  4. Brett Stackhouse

    Super red definitely has legs! Cut my doses in half getting the same res. Definitely my new go too ! Fresh very strong,longer lasting. Recommend as a must try!

  5. Jay L.

    Got super red as a sample , very fresh ! , smooth , long lasting , beautiful !!

  6. Brandi W

    This is legit the best strain I have tried so far and I have ordered for over a year from nova. Nova has the best customer service and super fast shipping came in two days. Samples are a great bonus. Thank you nova!

  7. jogar813

    When I don’t have Red Maeng Da, this is my go-to. NOVA’s red Maeng Da is better, but this will do quite nicely.

  8. Mark W Donathan

    Potent strain! I will buy again

  9. Trails through Daybreak

    Good stuff

  10. Camille Isabelle

    The Super Red was sent to me as one of the sample and I truly love it. Ordering it now.
    Your two small samples are a great idea because it gives you a chance to try something new. I always ordered White Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da.

  11. Sancho
    Verified Buyer

    I have used kratom for a couple years now and tried several different online retailers. Nova’s quality and customer service are exceptional. I just finished my first bag of Super Red. It is very nice and I will for sure buy it again.

  12. nostic648
    Verified Buyer

    I have been using kratom for 5 plus years and nova is by far the best company there give great descriptions of each strain and kind best in strength and qualities they ship faster then any one best prices,deals and great discounts so don’t believe me try it you won’t be upset I have had so many different kinds just to find the best for me and I believe the whites and reds strains are best for me…

  13. nostic648
    Verified Buyer

    I have been getting kratom from nova for about a year now I love the site I have been working my way around there wide great selection in on red veins right now. best company by far. I have tried about 6 different strains and I believe I might have found the strongest but will keep on purchasing from. nova for all my needs

  14. Anthony
    Verified Buyer

    Every strain I have tried from Nova is awesome best company I have bought from

  15. Aaron Osborne

    Wow I am newer to Kratom tried some from smoke shops gas stations and supposedly a good vendor Nova blew them all out of the water and was much cheaper. Thank you Nova you have a new customer for life and the free shipping was great two days order to delivery that’s great customer service and that’s rare these days thanks again

  16. Chuck Miles

    Thank you Nova for the quality.

  17. Andrew
    Verified Buyer

    Best red I’ve tried so far! Only wish I found Nova and Kratom sooner. I have been using this product night and day since it arrived. Great product would highly recommend Nova products to all my friends and family. Thanks for the top notch products!!

  18. geeclaims

    Super Red is an absolute game-changer. Give Super Red a try—it’s a superhero strain you won’t want to miss.

  19. chasegill2
    Verified Buyer

    It’s very potent. I found it difficult to find the sweet spot. Can’t hate the strain for being potent. It hits very hard. If you’re a responsible moderate kratom enjoyer, you will love this strain. If you use kratom throughout the day, all day, this is not a good one for you (in my opinion).

  20. Angel Morales
    Verified Buyer

    Have been taking kratom on & off for a year. Usually take 2 month breaks after I finish a 100g bag. A 250g bag of super red was the same price of the former 100g.
    Asides from the amazing price, this has been one of the strongest batches I’ve ever had. Overall great product, potent and efficient. Appreciate the samples. Thank you for being my new supplier!

  21. Jennifer Santoni
    Verified Buyer

    My new go to!

  22. Anthony DeAngelo
    Verified Buyer

    Hi! I have been using Kratom for more than five years, but I’m relatively new to Super Red. I’ve tried multiple red strains.

    Just for background, I have found Nova to be a higher quality than the previous online supplier I used, and they are considered as one of the top 10 best but I think Nova outshines them big time! I’m not saying that for brownie points from Monica, or anyone else within the Nova community. To me, it’s a fact!

    As a frame of reference to know how many strains I’ve tried from Nova, here’s my list all red strains: Bali, Borneo, Betanguie, Red Gold, Sumatra, Jongkong ( possibly misspelled, LOL) and of course the Super Red! I plan on trying the others as well, so I have an idea what works best for me. I’ve also reminded myself that I have to drink plenty of H2O!

    So as a long time user, I cannot speak, glowingly enough about the products from Nova Kratom and especially their super red! I highly recommend it! Thanks and take care!

  23. Ike
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve tried multiple strains of kratom, but this one took me right to where I wanted to be. Thank you for great products sincerely. This is pure quality. Thank you again. Hold the standard high as you are now and you’ll have a steady customer from me for sure!

  24. Evan Rosenthal

    Another great strain from Nova! I instantly could tell the Super Red was of higher quality than your typical leaves. I personally like to mix it with a strong white or green vein. Highly recommend! “No brainer” Red Vein!

  25. spamaway

    Nova’s Super Red is a really good strain.

  26. dr.hathaway83
    Verified Buyer

    Aazing quality. Super Red is by far the best I’ve had..

  27. shannon

    i love this company and the products they have. they are by far my favorite and will using them from this point on

  28. Kratom lover

    Just getting back into kratom and this red is the best I’ve ever had

  29. jharrison4204
    Verified Buyer

    I love this website. Best Kratom on the market, including so many strains of the highest quality! And the free sample to explore new strains is extremely generous. Always come here for my Kratom. Love you guys!

  30. Kyle Carson
    Verified Buyer

    I’m very pleased with this company! I have tried many different online vendors and Nova is my new favorite. Top quality products and free samples with most purchases to sample other wonderful strains that you might not have necessarily bought yourself. Very fast delivery to boot! This Super red is my new favorite in rotation.

  31. Clark D.
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve enjoyed using kratom for over 5 years now. I have tried many varieties of red kratom from various brands out there to get to understand how they match against each other. I have come across good products and many terrible. The super red kratom from this vendor is one of the best I have come across. I recommend their products.

  32. Alexis94435
    Verified Buyer

    Great product!!!

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