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Super Red Kratom


Super Red Kratom

One of the rarest kratom varieties on the kratom market, super red kratom is loved for its potency and effects. It is made through a special process that contributes to its unique experience.

How is Super Red Kratom Made?

Super red kratom is thought to made from the most mature kratom leaves that are located at the very top of the kratom tree. These leaves are the biggest and have the highest alkaloid content compared to other kratom leaves. Since they are located at the very top of the canopy, these leaves used to make super red kratom receives the most abundant amount of sunshine. Once these leaves are picked, they are washed thoroughly and fermented using a special process that contributes to its high alkaloid concentration. It is then dried and crushed before it is packed into its final form for shipment.

Super Red Kratom Profile

Super red kratom is highly potent due to its alkaloid profile. Its effects have been reported to be more reliable, longer lasting, and more impactful compared to other kratom strains. For this reason, super red kratom is recommended only for kratom veterans.

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  1. jharrison4204
    Verified Buyer

    I love this website. Best Kratom on the market, including so many strains of the highest quality! The shipping is phenomenal, and the free sample to explore new strains is extremely generous. Always come here for my Kratom. Love you guys!

  2. Kyle Carson
    Verified Buyer

    I’m very pleased with this company! I have tried many different online vendors and Nova is my new favorite. Top quality products and free samples with most purchases to sample other wonderful strains that you might not have necessarily bought yourself. Very fast delivery to boot! This Super red is my new favorite in rotation.

  3. Clark D.
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve enjoyed using kratom for over 5 years now. I have tried many varieties of red kratom from various brands out there to get to understand how they match against each other. I have come across good products and many terrible. The super red kratom from this vendor is one of the best I have come across. It hits well even with a small dose and I noticed its effects last a little longer than regular red strains. I recommend their products.

  4. Alexis94435
    Verified Buyer

    Mixes well with coconut milk and most beverages I must say… It takes me a few minutes to prepare and is pretty effective. Great product!!!

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