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Super Green Malay Kratom


Super Green Malay Kratom

Super green vein Malay kratom is a popular and accessible strain that offers the very best of both white and red Malay kratom. Similar to green Malay kratom, this variety is a more potent version of its predecessor.

How is Super Green Vein Malay Kratom Made?

Super green Malay kratom is a specialty blend made to achieve an outstanding alkaloid profile. It is only made possible through the local kratom farmers who use special processing techniques. Super green Malay kratom is cultivated in distinct soil composition resulting in an unusual cell wall density. Super green Malay is made by taking the original Malay kratom that is cultivated in the northern parts of Borneo. The leaves are subjected through a highly controlled oxidation process before it is dried and crushed into fine powder.

Super Green Vein Malay Kratom Profile

Super green vein Malay has a similar profile to green Malay kratom. However, the potency is much higher. Super green Malay is loved for its lasting impact, versatility, and the unique experience it offers. Due to its potency, it is best used by kratom veterans.

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    Amazing fresh powder with powerful effects. Customer service and prices are great. Especially considering the outstanding quality. Nova Kratom is my new go to

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    Got my order in two days. This was the fastest turnaround time. Overall, the product was great and full of wonderful effects. Will be ordering again

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    The product was good. Better than I had hoped for since this is my first time ordering from Nova. I will be placing my second order soon and I will definitely be writing a full review of their service and product.

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