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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Super Green Malay Kratom


Super Green Malay Kratom

Super green vein Malay kratom is a popular and accessible strain that offers the very best of both white and red Malay kratom. Similar to green Malay kratom, this variety is a more potent version of its predecessor.

How is Super Green Vein Malay Kratom Made?

Super green Malay kratom is a specialty blend made to achieve an outstanding alkaloid profile. It is only made possible through the local kratom farmers who use special processing techniques. Super green Malay kratom is cultivated in distinct soil composition resulting in an unusual cell wall density. Super green Malay is made by taking the original Malay kratom that is cultivated in the northern parts of Borneo. The leaves are subjected through a highly controlled oxidation process before it is dried and crushed into fine powder.

Super Green Vein Malay Kratom Profile

Super green vein Malay has a similar profile to green Malay kratom. However, the potency is much higher. Super green Malay is loved for its lasting impact, versatility, and the unique experience it offers. Due to its potency, it is best used by kratom veterans.

Available in both Powder and Capsules Form!

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  1. carsrule26
    Verified Buyer

    Jus got a new bag of super green Malay few days ago & wow..I haven’t had one problem with this place..on occasion I red bubble , which I do to gauge the quality by means of the shade of red I get from the product..and this one here was a dark red , super quality!! Ok thanks again Nova.

  2. Greg
    Verified Buyer

    I finally decided to try a different brand and I am blown away by the quality of the Nova brand product, I will definitely be ordering from them from now on

  3. carsrule26
    Verified Buyer

    Everytime I’ve ordered , bout 8-10 times so far , it’s Always potent and fresh..imo The best place to buy from . Always get it in 2-3 days , cant beat the amount you get for the price from anyone else , period. Thanku again Nova.

  4. Meranda Gardner

    As others have stated it’s a very potential strain, but I love it. Their customer service is top notch as well as their pricing. The free samples have led us 3 times to purchase the items sent to us as samples. You don’t find companies willing to give sample, but especially such a generous amount. You have life long customers in us!

  5. Jay L
    Verified Buyer

    Hello folks , super Green Malay !! Very potent aroma , definitely fresh , dark green hue , effective is an understatement..& of course, tasty jelly beans ! For the person that reviewed askin why all the praise to the owner ,well it should be obvious based on what ppl write in their reviews ! They offer a fresh , quality product at an incredibly affordable price , with customer service that caters to the customer , what more do you want ? To Monica ,I just Wana thanku again for making this available to us in the manner that u do and I am of course referring to the cost , alot of us out here barely or rarely have any extra income so it’s very very appreciated 👍 thank you and have a good day

  6. Bryan

    4.5 out of 5 St🌠rs
    B careful with this Super Green Maylay !!!
    A little pinch👌really goes a longgggggway👍
    Legs for days 😲🏃🏃

  7. Andrew G
    Verified Buyer

    Far and away the best vendor and best strain I’ve ever had.

  8. Toby

    😄 Believe all the positivity you read😄 This is another sensational strain from a tremendous company- thanks a million😎

  9. Robert Goodwin MD
    Verified Buyer

    Db I’v tried several of their samples, and ALL seem to more or less work!

  10. Brett Stackhouse

    Super Maylay is incredible! I’m actually using less, almost by half of my normal dose. Nova kratom is 100% better than any other brand I’ve tried in the 5 years of taking kratom. Nothing but RESPECT for this company!!! Thank you NOVA

  11. kowpoker20

    Awesome stuff! Potent, fast shipping, and affordable! Thanks nova! Oh and thanks for the jelly beenz too! Lol.

  12. brandob5822
    Verified Buyer

    Best kratom I’ve had by far. Fast shipping. Fair prices. Free samples. Jellybeans 🤣🤣. This will definitely be my kratom supplier from now on!!!

  13. JL

    Super Green Malay is quality kratom. But, if you’re like me, stick with other greens. Again, the kratom is really good-but, it’s too potent.

    Nova, this is a great product. It’s just not for me and I wanted to make sure that others like me don’t make the same mistake.

  14. Madison

    OK this strain has knocked my socks off!!! I’m going to be ordering a half kilo of just this because I love it so much! I’ve gotten to the point where some strains just simply don’t work for me but this one blew my mind! I’m very happy with this purchase and wish I got more of this strain!!!

  15. Janet Cones

    Best customer service! Best products! I am a very satisfied customer.

  16. Thomas Weiner

    Nova is Amazing hands down and killin the competition… I tried the super green malay and my goodness it’s very potent lol i wasn’t ready… Theeee Best Vendor!!!!!

  17. Trent Coe
    Verified Buyer

    Another professional transaction with superb customer service! Looking forward to trying this new strain. Again, thanks for the little sample packs. They are always a great help when trying a new strain. A+++++++++

  18. Cindy

    I’m very excited to try my new Kratom streins. I received white maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da Kratom. My ordering experience was amazing , I received my order in a couple of days and it came with cute little jelly beans 🫘 which was so nice. Nova definitely goes the extra mile.
    Monica was amazing and went the extra mile. Thank you 🙂

  19. LB
    Verified Buyer

    I take ALL reviews I read online- positive or negative- with a massive grain of salt because everything is so subjective. Aside from price and shipping time, it’s near impossible to know how good any new brand will be for you or how legit any review is. I have been getting my Kratom from a local herb shop for several years, and though I have and do try different retailers semi-regularly to see what’s out there, I have yet to find anything outside my regular place that compares, nor has anything aside from Green Malay ever done much for me. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to try Nova, but I am very happy I finally did! The Super Green is fantastic and the samples are so generous. I love the jelly beans they put in my order, that’s a very nice touch. I placed my order later Thursday afternoon and received it this (Monday) morning! 10/10, my first experience could not have gone better and I will absolutely be back.

  20. Cindy

    I haven’t yet received my order, how ever there customer service is outstanding, I can’t wait 5o try there product. I will com back and leave a full review on there product. 😁

  21. Melody Chaney
    Verified Buyer

    Very impressed with the kratom I received which is of course the main reason I shopped here. Add to that the awesome customer service, quick shipping, prices and free samples and Nova is hands down my number one! Customer for LIFE!

  22. Garrett Green
    Verified Buyer

    Hands down the best green kratom I have had. I been using kratom for 4-5 yrs now and just switch to this company. The free samples were so good I bought those already for my second order!

  23. Al

    I got this in my free sample and loved it. Tried many brands from the local store and this was by far the best green Malay I’ve had. Very fresh it seems

  24. Meagan Vahue
    Verified Buyer

    First of all, PHENOMENAL customer service, that alone deserves five stars, I placed my order yesterday morning and realized upon getting my email receipt I ordered red Bali instead of super red, I emailed and they fixed it for me free of charge or fuss !! I got the super green Malay and just tried it this morning (I got my package in less than 24 hours another 5 stars) I love it, it’s potent – this is by far the best kratom I’ve ever had ! Also, I left in my order comments how I can’t do the taste or texture of kratom so that I was thankful for the capsules from Nova and they sent me my free samplers in capsule form ! I am so grateful! They go above and beyond here I’ll never shop anywhere else ! Thank you Nova !

  25. Evan Rosenthal
    Verified Buyer

    My favorite green vein! Similar to the white Malay

  26. Logan Stokley

    Amazing fresh powder. Customer service and prices are great. Especially considering the outstanding quality. Nova Kratom is my new go to

  27. Jeremy
    Verified Buyer

    Got my order in two days. This was the fastest turnaround time. Overall, the product was great. Will be ordering again

  28. Sandra L.
    Verified Buyer

    The product was good. Better than I had hoped for since this is my first time ordering from Nova. I will be placing my second order soon and I will definitely be writing a full review of their service and product.

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