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Super Green Indo Kratom

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Super green vein Indo kratom is no stranger to the kratom world. Similar to its predecessor, it offers all that green Indo has but with more of a punch. The potency of this strain means it is only recommended for kratom veterans.


How is Super Green Vein Indo Kratom Made?

With similar origins to its predecessor, green vein Indo kratom, super green Indo kratom is made by harvesting larger kratom leaves at mid maturity. These leaves are thought to have a higher alkaloid content compared to other leaves. After the leaves are washed, they are destemmed and subjected through a special fermentation and drying process that increases the alkaloid concentration in the strain. Once it has been thoroughly dried, these leaves are crushed using an industrial grade grinder.


Super Green Vein Indo Profile

Super green Indo kratom is an upgraded version of green Indo. While green Indo is known for its mildness, this super version is highly potent. It offers a reliable and effective experience that is highly sought after by many kratom enthusiasts.

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  1. Timothy Zartman
    Verified Buyer

    After my first purchase NOVA K gave me a sample of the SuperGreen Kratom. This is a great product. I also think the Kratom I buy from NOVA has the strongest most consistent effect. When I buy my Kratom from multiple places or at different times it’s always different. NOVA always seems to be quite consistent with the product. The last thing I like is the packaging. These guys go out of their way to package the product. The 1000G Kratom comes as a “brick” and vacuumed packed. So Gangster. LOL. I ordered on a Sat and no kidding received the package on Monday. They always kick in a healthy sample and even some candy. Whoop! Buy from NOVA.

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