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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
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Red Vietnam Kratom


Red Vietnam Kratom

Despite being a relatively new strain on the kratom market, red vein Vietnam kratom is an old strain that was late to enter the industry. Red Vietnam Kratom is a fantastic variety suitable for both kratom beginners and veterans as it has been described to provide a gentle introduction to red vein kratom strains.

How Is Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Made?

Red Vietnam kratom is cultivated in the wild jungles of Vietnam. This strain grows along the Mekong River where the soil is rich and thrives in year-round high temperatures and oppressive humidity. Red Vietnam is nurtured by the local kratom farmers who use specialized tools and knowledge that they have learnt from their ancestors. Once the leaves are matured enough, the best leaves are handpicked and washed of dust and debris. These leaves then go through a fermentation and drying process under the harsh and bright sunlight for many hours before it can be ground into fine powder.

Red Vein Vietnam Profile

Red Vietnam is a mild and balanced strain that has been described to offer a gradual and natural experience, making it the perfect introductory red strain for kratom beginners. Its unique properties are what makes it one of the most highly regarded kratom strains available.

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  1. Anthony DeAngelo
    Verified Buyer

    Red Vietnam is everything it’s noted to be from informational literature, including the flavor as not being so pungent as other strains. This is a great product for beginners. It’s just to me a lighter version of red Malay, or any of the reds for that matter. I’m checking out hopefully a green version of it if there is one otherwise I’ll just use green Malay!

    Thanks! Nova is very high-quality, so they do a great job! You are definitely getting your moneys worth as far as I’m concerned! I know I am!

  2. GingerMaaa
    Verified Buyer

    Potent, worked well

  3. Big61320
    Verified Buyer


  4. Frances W.
    Verified Buyer

    If you are a red kratom user you’ll love this strain from Nova kratom. If you are just getting started this should be a good place to start. Also great service and great product.

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