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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
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Red Thai Kratom


Red Thai Kratom

A strain that is constantly in high demand, red vein Thai kratom is a versatile and laid-back kratom variety loved for its unique properties and distinct flavor. Suitable for both kratom beginners and veterans, red Thai kratom is one of the more powerful varieties often considered as a classic.

How is Red Vein Thai Kratom Made?

Red vein Thai is named after the country it is thought to have originated from. Currently, it is cultivated in Indonesia soil by local kratom experts in an environment that is similar to its homeland. Using the traditional skills and knowledge passed down by their ancestors, these experts harvest the most mature leaves, wash them, and dry them under bright sunlight for a long duration. This results in its high concentration of alkaloids.

Red Vein Thai Profile

Red Thai is one of the bestselling mellow strains as it kicks in faster compared to other strains. Lasting for a long duration, red vein Thai has a distinct flavor that is prized by all kratom users. Its potency has often been compared to red maeng da, making it one of the strongest red varieties.

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  1. Bryan

    This Red Gold is literally the only Red Vein I’ve liked, Dang Good quality especially for the price

  2. Pamela Campbell

    Simply THE BEST!! You’ll love it!

  3. Evan Rosenthal

    Love Nova’s product & price, unbeatable. This strain I overlooked and left it sealed for quite some time as I purchased it with at least 8 other more obscure strains. This is easily my favorite out of red Maeng Da , red jongkong, green super Malay, green bentuangie, white dragon, & white Malay. Yellow Thai is my 2nd favorite, the yellow vietnam is a very close 3rd. Trying different strains is part of the fun & nova most certainly understands that! Having the samples (great idea) along with a-1 customer care & Jellybeans made me a loyal customer instantly!

  4. Caroline Jenkins
    Verified Buyer

    My order arrived super fast, the product was high quality, and they gave me jellybeans. I am so happy with my order <3

  5. GingerMaaa

    4 stars because people (and companies) seem to think 5 star reviews are fake. I love this strain. Great packaging, great customer service and totally worth a 5 star review, I just keep getting blocked on certain websites when I actually do give 5 star reviews and they say I’m making it up. Nope – I just am thorough and do my research and give credit where it is due. I wouldn’t call any k powder smooth, because I toss n wash, but I definitely come back to this strain on a regular basis because it’s my go-to-get-sh-done weapon of task destruction. <3

  6. George52401
    Verified Buyer

    Silky smooth powder. Undoubtedly the best red vein kratom out there. Will be reordering soon.

  7. Scott34001
    Verified Buyer

    Great product!! I will be ordering again.

  8. Joe
    Verified Buyer

    I just got this in my mail a few hours ago and decided to have a quick session.

    Wow! This stuff is stop notch. I absolutely love it.

    I will give a more in-depth review in the weeks to come.

  9. Tammi C.
    Verified Buyer

    It’s very hard to find a good red thai strain but well….this one did get me by surprise. I have tried red thai from a number of vendors but this brand did impress me. The potency, the flavor….out of this world. Absolutely worth a try. I recommend this vendor.

  10. Merrit J.
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve tried red thai from a number of reputable vendors but I can say this one is just the one. If you are new to kratom don’t ruin the experience…just get your kratom from this guys. Great customer service too.

  11. Erik
    Verified Buyer

    Very potent red kratom at a fair price. Would highly recommend this.

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