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📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
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Red Kali Kratom


Red Kali Kratom

Considered a “pure” strain by many kratom experts, red vein Kali is one of the original strains of red vein kratom. It is named after the region it is thought to originate from, Kalimantan, a region of Indonesia on the island of Borneo.

How is Red Vein Kali Kratom Made?

Thriving in Kalimantan, red Kali kratom is cultivated in this region with abundant mineral water streams, fertile soil, and high temperatures. This strain is cultivated by local kratom experts who utilize the skill and knowledge handed down through the generations. Once ready, these experts handpick the mature kratom leaves and wash them thoroughly of dirt and debris. These leaves are then dried fully under the sun before they are crushed into the products final form. All these processes contribute to red Kali’s alkaloid profile.

Red Vein Kali Profile

Loved as a soothing strain, red Kali is a strain that is milder compared to other kratom strains. This makes it a great starting red vein variety for kratom beginners.

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  1. Adam F.
    Verified Buyer

    I usually get my Kalimantan kratom from another vendor but I figured I should try this one since it was way more discounted than what I was getting from the other vendor. What I got impressed me. It mixes well, tastes great. would recommend it.

  2. Parsons
    Verified Buyer

    Great product. But not strong enough for me….great service though. Thanks.

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