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Red Horn Kratom


Red Horn Kratom

One of the newest and most exciting kratom strains, red vein horn kratom is prized for its unpredictability and unique experience. Red horn kratom is relatively rare as it is harder to cultivate compared to other red vein varieties. It is named after the horn-shaped leaves believed to be indicative of its higher potency.

How Is Red Vein Horn Kratom Made?

Originating from the forests of Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, red horn kratom is a scarce strain. Red horn can only be grown in a specific area which can be hard to access. To help red horn kratom thrive, local kratom farmers use traditional methods and the addition of the Kapuas River to keep them hydrated. This infuses the strain with more minerals that contribute to its alkaloid profile. Farmers handpick the leaves, wash them, and allow it to go through a fermentation and drying process before it is crushed into its final form.

Red Horn Profile

Red horn kratom is a potent red vein variety, comparable to red maeng da. Local farmers believe that the potency of this mellow strain is reflected by the shape of its leaves. Its effects are longer and stronger than the average kratom variety, making it well-loved strain by many kratom veterans.

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  1. Tim B
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve been experimenting with a few red veins but turns out this is my favorite. I love it!!

  2. Charlie C.
    Verified Buyer

    Fast delivery

    Excellent customer service

    Superior quality

    Highly recommended

  3. Jordy G
    Verified Buyer

    This product is pleasing to me. I have experiences with red veins but this red horn kratom from Nova was refreshing as it was convenient. It dampens worries and makes me reconnect with the actual world. Thanks guys….i will be shopping again with you soon.

  4. Marty
    Verified Buyer

    This is very High quality kratom! Probably the best kratom i have purchase so far! Ooh and I got myself a discount this time….
    Thanks Nova

  5. Shawn32127
    Verified Buyer

    This red horn kratom goes extraordinarily smooth. It doesn’t taste as terrible as other red veins I have tested. it’s a potent one too

  6. Aaron
    Verified Buyer

    Great calm vibe with this. So far my fav. Thanks Nova

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