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Red Dragon Kratom


Red Dragon Kratom

An increasingly popular red kratom variety, red dragon kratom is a relatively new strain in the market. Loved as a great caffeine alternative, red vein dragon kratom has often been compared to a pot of fresh brew that delivers a punch to kickstart the day. This proprietary blend combines the strength of multiple powders to bring a unique experience.

How is Red Vein Dragon Kratom Made?

The origin of red vein dragon kratom is unclear. This potent strain is made by combining several different strains of red kratom with its exact blend being unique to each source and vendor. It is made by combining top quality finely ground red vein kratom powder to produce the most comprehensive alkaloid profile. In fact, it has been reported to contain about 100 types of alkaloids.

Red Vein Dragon Profile

Red dragon is highly sought after due to its predictable effects, potency, and fast impact. For this reason, it is often recommended only for experienced kratom users. This blend contains high concentrations of alkaloids especially 9-hydroxycorynantheidine.

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  1. Tobi Williams
    Verified Buyer

    This red strain is my new favorite, heads above all others.
    It has been the only thing that is allowing me relief from a bad hip joint that has become almost crippling.
    Plus, I can say that NOVA kratom has the best customer service, ship times and overall quality of product that I’ve found.
    If you are looking for a company that goes way beyond any other, this is it!!

  2. Lynne Arrieta
    Verified Buyer

    I’m not happy that the product dies not state how much it has per capsule or how much to take .
    I called the company no o e was an available.
    Very disappointed.

    Edit by Monica, owner of Nova Kratom: Each capsule has 0.5 grams, it says on our homepage, also we handle customer support by email, and we always answer in minutes there. Unfortunately we are not allowed to give any dosage or consumption advice, we are not allowed by law to do something like that. We will write you an email about this too, hopefully if you’ll see it you’ll decide to change the ratign of the review in the future. Sorry that I added my reply as an edit, but there is no other way for me to reply and I really think this is a bit of an unfair review.

  3. James Johnson

    So glad I stumbled on a post recommending Nova. I, personally, place high value on good customer service and being able to purchase with confidence. When you combine those things with an excellent product you get my experience with Nova so far.

  4. GingerMaaa
    Verified Buyer

    4 Star’s because 5 stars are no longer considered honest. What can I say though – this company is great, their products are more potent than many others I’ve tried. I’ve had zero issues with them, nor the product. This strain, Dragon, was great. I used every last gram and slept great. No issues with it whatsoever and I would give 5 stars if the review systems weren’t so easily manipulated online. This is a great night strain for me, and I don’t have to take more than 2g to get relief from nerve pain.

  5. Wrench74520
    Verified Buyer

    I usually get my kratom pills from my local smoke shop. But this particular time they had run out of stock. So I go online and bump onto this company and I decide to try them out. Well, I was a bit worried that this red borneo powder would not offer the relief I was seeking. Damn, I am happy with what I got. It is even better and less expensive. I will be ordering more from them. Highly recommend them.

  6. Kelly A.
    Verified Buyer

    Superior quality powder. It mixes well with a variety of fruit cocktails and gives great results. Thanks Nova.

  7. Julie
    Verified Buyer

    Definitely worth a try. Package was shipped very fast and I am happy with what I got. Thanks

  8. Franky
    Verified Buyer

    So far so good. Best red vein I’ve ordered.

  9. Edward N
    Verified Buyer

    Ok – well I think this product is awesome and so far I think it does what it claims. I have only used it for about two weeks and I think will give it a fighting chance.

  10. Stella B.
    Verified Buyer

    Proffesionaly packed. Good quality red vein kratom…..recommended.

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