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Green Thai Kratom


Green Thai Kratom

This classic kratom strain is a potent and powerful variety that is favored by many kratom users. Constantly in high demand, green vein Thai kratom is prized for its energizing aroma that has lured many fans.=

How is Green Vein Thai Made?

Green vein Thai is thought to originate from Thailand. It is currently cultivated in Thailand and Indonesia in acidic soil to promote higher concentrations of alkaloids in the kratom leaves. Its seeds are fragile and can take many years to yield. For this reason, green Thai kratom is nurtured by kratom farmers using traditional skills and tools. It is made by harvesting semi mature leaves that are dried in a room with no light and finished for a brief duration out in the sun. The leaves are then crushed using an industrial grade grinder before it is packaged and shipped for the market.

Green Vein Thai Profile

Green Thai is one of the bestselling green varieties due to its balanced effects. It has been reported to last longer compared to other strains. Combined with its distinct flavor, green vein Thai is a reliable strain with high satisfaction rates.

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