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Green Riau Kratom


Since green vein Riau kratom is relatively new to the industry, there are very few kratom users who know about the existence of green Riau kratom. Those who know about it love it for its potency compared to other kratom strains.

How is Green Vein Riau Kratom Made?

Green vein Riau is believed to be a combination or hybrid of Indo and Sumatra kratom. An enhanced and improved version of its parent strains, green Riau kratom is thought to originate from Indonesia. Currently, this strain is mostly cultivated in Riau, a small province on the southeast coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Featuring a region with fertile soil and moist climate, green Riau thrives. This variety is made from leaves that are harvested at mid maturity. These leaves are then washed and dried for several days before it is ready to be crushed into fine powder.


Green Vein Riau Kratom Profile

Loved for its potency, green Riau kratom is considered to be more powerful than its parent strains. It has a sweet aroma and vibrant tang that is loved by many. Offering balanced effects, those who try green vein Riau quickly become loyal fans of the strain.

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