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Green Horn Kratom


Green Horn Kratom

A relatively new and exciting green vein variety, green horn kratom is highly sought after as it is a strain different from all its peers. Despite its rarity, green vein horn kratom is easily one of the best-selling kratom varieties on the market. It is named after the horn-shaped leaves that are believed to indicate its higher potency.

How is Green Vein Horn Kratom Made?

Green horn kratom comes from the island of Borneo, from the forests of Kalimantan. It can only be grown in a specific area where access is difficult. For this reason, the yield of green vein horn is unable to meet market demand. To help this variety thrive, local kratom farmers use traditional skills, methods, and the Kapuas River to help keep them hydrated. By using this water source, green horn kratom has access to more minerals that contribute to its alkaloid profile. Once ready, the farmers handpick the leaves, wash, destem, and allow these leaves to go through a fermentation process before drying them. It is then crushed into fine powder and shipped for the market.

Green Vein Horn Kratom Profile

Green horn kratom is a potent green vein variety that is often compared to the maeng da lineage. Green horn has a sweet aroma and taste making it a favorite among many kratom connoisseurs. Combined with its balanced alkaloid profile, it is a must-try strain.

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  1. Johnny

    Don’t sleep on the green horn kratom this is one of my favorites out of all the strains I have bought.

  2. Alex D
    Verified Buyer

    I have been taken Kratom for a long time and I’ve been at the point where I have to juggle strains in order for them to be potent. Until I tried Horn. This is my everyday strain and I never tire from it. I also enjoy Yellow Horn.

    Thank you Nova Kratom for being so consistent and helpful.

  3. Evan Rosenthal

    Green Horn is very similar to its Yellow counterpart. This was a free sample included w/ my order btw (a big thank you to Nova as always!).

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