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Green Dragon Kratom


Green Dragon Kratom

Green vein dragon kratom is one of the newer kratom strains on the market. It is a highly favored strain due to its alkaloid profile and potency. Green vein dragon is loved for its character that is often compared to Thai kratom on steroids.

How is Green Vein Dragon Kratom Made?

The origins of green vein dragon are unclear. However, since its alkaloid profile is similar to Thai kratom, it has been speculated to originate from Thailand. As a fusion strain of green elephant kratom and green maeng da kratom, it is only natural for green dragon kratom to be just as potent as its parent strains. Its name reflects the potency and power of the strain. Green dragon is made by harvesting semi mature leaves that are subjected through a specialized drying process without any light. Once ready, these leaves are dried under sunlight for a brief duration. It is then ground using an industrial grinder to produce green dragon kratom powder.

Green Vein Dragon Kratom Profile

Green vein dragon is loved for its efficacy and distinct alkaloid profile. Offering the effects of both red and white kratom, green dragon is considered a balanced strain that offers an invigorating experience.

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