📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

Free Kratom Samples – 2*50g


Get 2*50g completely free kratom samples without purchase, The sample has two random strains according to the most liked ones in the current batch (50g of each – 100g in total) NOTE: This is a one time purchase by itself!

Fast & Free Shipping
on Orders over $39.99
30-Day Guarantee
Money Back on All Orders
Trusted Quality
Lab-Tested for Impurities
4.86 / 5


  1. Radeem
    Verified Buyer

    Definitely leading in Kratom.. 250-300 capsules at the local smoke shops around here is $50-60.. Novas is $28 PLUS A DISCOUNT! almost free! Thank you to this company! Something to be proud of.

  2. Cynthia Walker
    Verified Buyer

    I just love this company and their products. The quality and service are top notch. I had been buying my product in town at the local smoke shops for a couple years. But then I finally discovered the NOVA online shop. I just couldn’t believe the price and quality difference that Nova provides. In addition to their prices being 40% less, the potency is so much stronger that I have to take 40-50% less product for the same. I was doing 2 heaping TBLSP when using the product from the local smoke shop (They must use fillers or something). With Nova’s pure, high quality product, all I need to use was 1.5 teaspoons. If that wasn’t amazing enough, they send free samples every time, including fun jellybeans, offer coupons and are so friendly and helpful! I wish I had found them sooner. I’m just a huge fan of this company, NOVA. – Customer for life!

  3. Reece kameroff

    Good place to order kratom

  4. Gary Gant
    Verified Buyer

    “Wow!!!” I just made my 1st order last night of the TRAIN WRECK…Im a gotta experience something myself to see whats going on.But all these great reviews im SOLD HANDS DOWN!!! And Monica i hear so many awesome things about you…”KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU GUYS.” I’m a life-long customer already and didn’t even receive my 1st order yet!! 😁

  5. depewloren
    Verified Buyer

    I’m in absolute awe over NOVA KRATOM. They are hands down the best I’ve had and excellent prices. I will be a long time customer for sure. You have won me over NOVA. THANKS FOR YOUR EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  6. Kristie
    Verified Buyer

    I stumbled apon your product after buying from another brand for 5 years. Although both brands are very good I get better value from Nova. For the same price I get almost twice as much with Nova. And shipping Nova is fast!

  7. retrolaska123
    Verified Buyer

    This is the best out of all Kratom vendors. “Kratom Point, Kingdom Kratom, Ect” cannot compare to this incredible Kratom! I’ve bought 6 free samples + 250 grams of white vein! oh and P.S.. this Kratom is STRONG!!! Love you Novakratom, I’ll be buying from you guys for life <3

  8. Sliver
    Verified Buyer

    And its Nova for the win one more time. This my 2nd review to update from 4 to 5 stars. Its the consistency and the very kind discount I receive that keeps me coming back. Thank you Nova for the high quality standards.

  9. Aaron Amenson
    Verified Buyer

    Your brand is the only one I have tried. It does what I am looking for.

  10. rizzo8008
    Verified Buyer

    1st class company. Shipping was quick. Packaging was professional. Kratom was smooth. I just ordered another Kilo. Definite Recco

  11. Ryan Rawls

    Have not tried this brand yet. Friends told me this was one AWESOME brand and I can’t wait to try it.

  12. Sliver
    Verified Buyer

    So very grateful to have found NOVA!!! Wonderful prices, people and products. You’ve won my loyalty!

  13. Martin Bourne
    Verified Buyer

    The kratom was good. I would recommend this vendor to friends.

  14. chrstmrr4
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing customer service and incredible owner. I had a problem with USPS delivery. The owner actually took the time to get them to move my package. She was incredibly helpful. Also because of their free samples I found out that red vien mang de is best for me. Great place, I would highly recommend this company. Their product is definitely stronger than the tobacco store ones I’ve been buying.

  15. angelareneelove
    Verified Buyer

    Really enjoy the samples so you can try before buying a large quantity!!! And Monica’s customer service is A+++++. She responds quickly! This is a great company…will definitely buy from them when I find the one I like the best!! Shipping is super super fast so ordering on line wont be a problem at all!!🥰

  16. Sophia
    Verified Buyer

    I love you so much Nova. Your kratom is fresh and absolutely amazing! My favorite strains from you guys are definitely Green MD, Trainwreck, and Red Yellow Bali. Aaahhhhhhmazing! Will continue buying from you guys. Thank you so much!!

  17. Michael Small
    Verified Buyer

    You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. That said Nova crushed it! I can tell you a few things right off. The shipping time was lightning fast! The professionalism is unmatched. Most importantly the quality and freshness is astounding! Coupled with their easy to use website and affordable cost it’s no contest. The samples and the hand written thank you on the receipt are just icing on it all. Thanks Nova for valuing you costumers!!

  18. dmacdslate
    Verified Buyer

    I just found out that I have a new favorite! Never had a clue. But with the sample packs I can try different strains without being upset I spent $ on one I don’t like.
    Great Co. Reasonable price, unbelievable delivery time and by looking at the packages they are fresher than any other I’ve bought! Very happy I bumpt into Nova

  19. sarahewilliams0623
    Verified Buyer

    I absolutely love everything I receive from ya’ll! Great service has been consistent since my 1st order. I’ll never go anywhere else, thank you!

  20. Joshua Mullis
    Verified Buyer

    The quality is AMAZING 🤩 I’m usually a green guy but this Super Red is GREAT. Third… the free samples sold me from the jump AND they give you awesome strains to try. My wife also likes Kratom now after trying the Green Bentaungie. Many thanks guys and keep up the 5 star service!! 💯🔥👊🏻

  21. Matthew Coleman
    Verified Buyer

    Just tried the green and yellow strains definitely a legit company and the owner Monica went above and beyond to provide good customer support. Will buy again soon. Liked the jelly beans they were a nice touch.

  22. stanfields051478
    Verified Buyer

    Nova is in my Best friend and has changed my life for the better love the samples 🫡💯⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ premium fine powder kratom So Thanks for the samples and as of I am a lifetime buyer💯🫶

  23. Ray RUPERTUS

    Can’t wait to try ! Thanks

  24. Brandy Mayfield

    I got my free Kratom Samples and I was pleased with it. It was fresh and I would like to get more .

  25. Andrew Gantt
    Verified Buyer

    Nova kratom-

    Pros- • Extremely consistent quality
    And best of all I’ve not found one other kratom Company that does their samples up Like these guys do I received super red which is an upper class, as well as white Bali which is an absolutely awesome
    White vein AND to top it all off they sent me green vein dragon

    Couldn’t have done any better with these samples guys!

    Have yet to find any yet.

  26. Hartey Dyer

    I just received my first order this morning and I have to say I’m very impressed. I’ve been using Kratom for about 6 years and have built a tolerance and honestly it had been hard for me to find a brand that actually works anymore. But I can honestly say that Nova Kratom works amazingly. I will definitely be ordering more and be a regular customer. The samples they sent were great as well. And the jelly beans were a nice touch. You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work. Thank you

  27. Chaz
    Verified Buyer

    Great service, wonderful quality and price. I usually use KK, but the prices may have just permanently won me over. Typically with good vendors the qualities are all similar, or have been in my experience, but the prices here are a lot cheaper. Glad I gave them a shot. Also they sent me Jelly Beans!

  28. Angela
    Verified Buyer

    The samples are huge and they sent me jelly belly jelly beans too. The Kratom is fresh. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  29. Philip wiley
    Verified Buyer

    Just got sample pack…quick ship and great product💯💯..highly recommend!!!

  30. slaybott22

    One of my buddys let me try from his sample pack and I got to say the two strains I tried burned extremely well. Tried both the red bali and green maeng da and they were both smooth. Def ordering one for myself 10/10 kratom in my experience especially since this company is kind enough to give out samples to try.

  31. James Weaver

    So I been shopping around I even got one of those $50 kilos. I found this place and they sent me samples and I tried them as well
    I just tossed a entire kilo of something that can’t even compare to Nova Kratom at all. Not sure if this is the best but for me it’s the only!!

  32. Duane

    Best Kratom ever

  33. Mia

    I love Kratom.

  34. Bear S

    Discovered some maazing new strains because of the extra sampels I received, I never tried greens before but it seems like they are my favorite. Amazing kratom, fresh, green, good grind, fast shipping… Thumbs up for Nova

  35. ryan enright
    Verified Buyer

    i emailed them for a sample and they got back to me within the day with the link to this sample pack. i just paid shipping. usually 150 grams in a shop would cost 40$ bucks or so. great quality! 11/10. tried the red first and was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked it because i usually dont like reds!

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