📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping & 2*50g FREE Samples 📦
📦 Order above $39,99 now and get FREE Shipping
& 2*50g FREE Samples 📦

What discounts are available?

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In case there is a discount available it will be posted on the top of the website, on our discounts page or by email to our customers.

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I’ve ordered a couple times now. I never even considered a discount code. Stupid me. Wouldn’t matter. The product I received from you is the best I have tried without exception. As long as the quality is so good and the price is good, I’ll keep buying. Thank you!

Amy Chartrand

How someone can complain about this company and threaten to take their business elsewhere is nothing short of insane‼️ They seem out of touch. They won’t find a better Company of this kind anywhere.

Michael Napolitano

Can’t wait to put this 8deR in heard nothing but great things about you guys.. you reviews are excellent 👌. See ya soon 😆

Emily Grimes

The discount code being lowered does not bother me because since I found this site, my husband & I have felt very lucky to have had that discount with for us, every. single. time.. up until today & honestly it’s still an AMAZING discounted price!! Thank you, Monica, for letting us use that discount for so long & also for only lowering it by 10%!! Your products are still the best priced even with NO DISCOUNT & the quality of your products just can’t be beat 💯. If we tried to switch to another brand right now, I already know that any other kratom simply would do nothing, lol & if it did, we would be paying a l lot more!
Again, thank you so much for the awesome products & discounts!! ✨ Just placed another order!


Coupon codes that are supposed to give 50% off are not working. I’m going to be buying my kratom from a different supplier unless/until the coupon codes give the advertised discount. The price increase is very insulting.

Advertised where exactly? where did we advertise such a thing? we already have quite big discounts and low prices, we can’t simply give 50% off and keep the quality up to the highest standards. You say it’s insulting that we don’t have a 50% off discount? considering the low prices we have anyway, and the high quality of the product? I am sorry that you feel insulted by that, we have never raised our prices, disocunt codes come and go, right now we have a cap to all our discounts. If you are not happy we are sorry but we really are doing our best to keep quality as high as humanly possible – and also to not increase prices, but to say that we insulted you by not having a 50% off coupon it’s… weird. I am sorry you feel that way – if you change your mind we’ll always welcome you with the same quality products as ever and with the best prices we possibly can – and the occasional coupons and discounts (that are limited time, they don’t last forever)


Hello. Thank you for the jelly beans in every order I have received from you in the past. The good ol DISCOUNT CODE. My favorite discount, and certainly part of my continued business with you over the past year (s)?. I also had an emotional response to the code not working as it had before, but did the math and decided to place my order at any rate. It didn’t make me want to go somewhere else, but did make me consider possibly buying in bulk at near or lower prices from a different vendor. Ultimately your attention to detail, rapid shipping, and of course the jelly beans played into my decision to not waste alot of time looking for another vendor that may or may not actually ship the product I pay for, but the thought crossed my mind. Thank you for supplying kratom at a reasonable price and a large selection. Ps, the trial packs are great too.

James Mitchell

I’m glad to be able to be able to get good quality at less of a price than other places and if I do get a coupon code I’m happy that I got it if I don’t I’m still happy.. I’m not complaining I am grateful I found nova kratom ps love the jelly beans and the free samples.. I personally will continue to do business with them

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