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Kratom Powder Vs Kratom Extract

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As kratom becomes more popular in the Western world due to its many benefits, there is more demand for different kratom products. The most common forms of kratom products available are kratom powder and capsules. However, kratom extracts are now becoming more common especially among kratom enthusiasts as they are more effective and powerful. This article highlights the pros and cons of each so users can choose one that best suits their needs.

What is Kratom Powder?

Although kratom is mostly consumed fresh by the local communities where it originates from, exporting fresh kratom leaves can be challenging and expensive. For this reason, kratom leaves are first harvested from the kratom tree. These leaves are dried and crushed into fine powder to prolong the shelf life and freshness of the product. This powder can be used to fill capsules or made into kratom tea. Not only does this drying process help extend their shelf life and ease the export process to other countries, but it also helps to concentrate the alkaloids present in the leaves.

What is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is an even more concentrated form of kratom. To make kratom extract, the farmers harvest the kratom leaves from the kratom tree. These leaves are then dried on large racks or hung up to dry in the sun. As the leaves dry, the alkaloids can be altered by the amount of sunlight they receive. Once these leaves are dry enough, they move on to the second step of the process.

In the second step, the dried kratom leaves are crushed and boiled for a long time. As the water in the brew continues to evaporate, this process results in an alkaloid-rich concentrate known as kratom extract. Some labels on kratom extracts may show “25X” or “50X”. These labels denote the original weight of the product before the extraction process. Since kratom extracts are highly potent, a small dose of extract is comparable to a large dose of kratom powder. This is why kratom extracts appeal most to kratom veterans who value potency.

Which One is Better?

Both kratom powder and kratom extract has its pros and cons and caters to different audiences.

Potency and Cost

Fans of kratom extract seek it for its high potency. This makes kratom extract to be a more cost-effective choice especially in the long run. One factor to take note is that kratom extracts are more expensive due to its additional processing requirements. Meanwhile, kratom powder is very affordable for both beginners and veterans to kratom. With plenty of different strains available, users can experiment without breaking the bank.


Liquid extracts are easier for the body to digest resulting in immediate effects. Therefore, kratom extract users can experience quick relief. For this reason, kratom extracts are more preferable for people who experience pain as they require immediate effects. For kratom powder, users experience the effects around 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion, with effects reaching its peak around 60 to 90 minutes later.

Methods of Use

To use kratom powder, the most popular method among kratom veterans is the toss-and-wash method where kratom powder is placed on the tongue and washed down with a beverage of their choice. Kratom powder can also be added into food and drinks such as to make smoothies. Another popular method is to make kratom tea by adding hot water to kratom powder. Steep it for 5 to 10 minutes before straining. This tea can be consumed plain or with added flavors such as ginger, honey, and lemon.

For kratom extracts, users can brew the extract to make kratom tea. It can also be used to make kratom shots with the many recipes available online. Like kratom powder, kratom extract can be ingested using the toss-and-wash method, added into food, and drinks. Another more novel way to use kratom extract is by utilizing oblate discs.


The dosage for kratom powder and kratom extract differs as the concentration of alkaloids for each are different. As kratom extract is much more concentrated, it is more potent compared to kratom powder. For kratom powder, beginners are recommended to start with 1 to 2 grams with increasing doses over time. Users are encouraged to keep a journal of the effects so they can find their optimal dose. Depending on the strain, the dosage may differ. The average dosage for an average user ranges from 3 to 5 grams. Larger doses range from 6 to 8 grams.

For kratom extract, the dosage can be more complicated as the strength of the extract is measured in 2X, 5X, and 10X representing the amount of kratom used during the process the extract was made. The optimal dose for kratom extract varies for each person. Beginners should generally start with using kratom powder before trying kratom extract.

Making Kratom Extract Using Kratom Powder

For kratom extracts, the additional costs from manufacturing and testing can be harmful to the kratom vendors. As many vendors prefer not to carry kratom extracts, there are some kratomites who make their own kratom extract. To make kratom extract, all that is required are:

  • Kratom powder
  • 40% alcohol liquid such as rum or vodka.
  • Citric acid
  • Digital scale
  • Measuring cup
  • pH strips
  • Tinted bottle
  • Filter / sieve
  1. Start by choosing a kratom powder.
  2. Measure 100 to 150 grams of kratom powder.
  3. Mix the kratom powder with alcohol. A ration of 1:4 is recommended. A good example would be 1 liter of alcohol to 4 ounces of kratom powder.
  4. Add citric acid and test the acidity with the pH strip. Keep adding citric acid until the mixture reaches a pH of 4.
  5. Pour this mixture into a closed container and shake it until the liquid is smooth.
  6. Place this mixture in the dark for a week.
  7. Strain the mixture using a filter and dispose of the residue.
  8. Refill the container using the mixture and set it aside to evaporate.
  9. Once the mixture has dropped to half its original volume, it is ready.

Where to Buy Kratom Products

It is important to purchase kratom products from reputable vendors as it guarantees the best kratom experience.

Nova Kratom – Best Kratom Powder

Users who are interested in kratom powder can find the best value and kratom experience with ova Kratom. This company offers premium quality kratom powder at the best prices on the market. Clients who spend over $40 can also expect free shipping. With a 30-day money back guarantee and excellent customer service, Nova provides services that are unrivalled. Customers can also take advantage of their 20% discount off any order.

Kratom Spot – Best Kratom Extract

Kratom Spot (KS) is a good choice when looking to buy kratom extracts. Acknowledged by the American Kratom Association, they offer a wide variety of kratom extracts. Customers can create their own extracts as well. KS also adheres to Fair Trade practices to ensure the next generation of kratom farmers are protected.

Kratom FAQs

  • What Are The Benefits of Kratom?

Kratom contains alkaloids mainly mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These substances bind to the opioid receptors in the brain and produce opioid-like effects. Some of the desired effects reported by users include having an energy boost, improved concentration or focus, pain relief, relaxation, mood elevation, and more. Some users who experience opioid withdrawal have also used it to help them relieve their symptoms.

  • Are There Side Effects To Using Kratom?

Side effects of using kratom are rare if used according to the recommended dosages. These unwanted effects are mostly seen in those who are beginners or when kratom is used in larger than recommended doses. Some of these side effects include nausea, vomiting, headaches, irritability, constipation, abdominal pain, and more.

  • Is Kratom Legal?

Yes, kratom is legal in most of the United States. However, there are some local counties that deem kratom to be illegal despite the state declaring it being legal. Examples include San Diego, California and Sarasota County, Florida.

Conclusion: Kratom Powder vs Kratom Extract

There are pros and cons for each kratom powder and kratom extract. Although kratom extracts are much more potent, it is much more expensive and not recommended for beginners. For kratom veterans who are interested in kratom extracts, homemade extracts can be a better option. With practice, making kratom extracts from kratom powder can be a much more affordable option.

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