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Does Kratom Go Bad – How Long is Your Kratom’s Shelf Life?

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Kratom is a product best enjoyed fresh. It comes in loose powder or capsule forms. But if you are trying to save some money and have bought your kratom supply in bulk, does it go bad? How long does it stay good on your shelf?

Kratom’s Shelf Life

Your kratom product, be it in loose powder form or capsules, came from a live plant. Like all living matter, its freshness decreases with time. Dried kratom can last for a long time. Just like kitchen herbs, they may have gone past their expiry date and lost some flavor and benefits, but they are still edible.

As kratom loses its freshness, you can lose its flavor and desired effects. The alkaloid mitragynine in kratom can degrade and become less effective. Although edible, we wouldn’t recommend going too far past the expiry date unless you want to experience that stale unpleasant flavor. Here are a few signs that your kratom should end up in the bin or compost pile:

  • Mold
  • Loss of color
  • Loss of smell

If there is any suspicion of mold, make sure to throw it away. While stale kratom loses its efficacy, moldy kratom can make you very sick. Kratom products that are exposed to moisture have a risk of being moldy. Throw away all the product as kratom that has been exposed to mold can contain microscopic spores that can be harmful to your health.

Factors Affecting Kratom’s Shelf Life

Depending on various factors, kratom is good for one to three months. The shelf life of kratom products is largely dependent on how it was handled and stored. Some of these factors include:

·       Light

Since different kratom products are processed with different light levels, repeated exposure to light can affect the quality of your kratom product. Light can break down the alkaloids in kratom resulting in loss of potency.

·       Odors

Kratom is susceptible to picking up and absorbing other odors. For this reason, kratom should be stored carefully in a bag or container that is airtight. This ensures your kratom to smell as fresh as possible.

·       Oxygen

Like some organic compounds, kratom oxidizes when it is exposed to oxygen. An alkaloid known as mitragynine in kratom becomes mitragynine pseudoindoxyl when exposed to oxygen. This reduces the potency and effects of the product. Decreasing exposure to oxygen can help extend your kratom’s shelf life.

·       Moisture and Temperature

Kratom products exposed to moisture allows the breeding of microorganisms. This can result in harmful pathogens such as mold. When exposed to higher temperatures, the chemical reactions to break down your kratom increases.

Other factors that may affect kratom’s shelf life include the strain of kratom, form, and where the kratom is purchased from. The fresher your kratom product, the better. Therefore, only buy as much as you will consume in the next few months.

How To Best Preserve and Store Kratom

After receiving your kratom products, the best way to store it is similar to how you would store dried herbs or tea leaves. Here are some tips to help you keep your kratom products as fresh as possible.

Airtight Packaging

The packaging your kratom products come in should already be airtight. If you want to be doubly sure, you can use your own airtight container or use an additional bag over the original packaging. After opening the package, always make sure to expel the excess air in the bag and seal the package securely.

This minimizes the amount of air and moisture retained in the bag. If you would like to go a step further, you can also portion out your daily doses into smaller bags to minimize the amount of kratom being exposed. You can also add silica packs into your containers to ensure there is no moisture. Some kratom enthusiasts go as far as using a vacuum sealer to seal each portion of their supply.

Keeping It Out of The Light

Store your kratom product in a cool dark area so it is not exposed to light. For this reason, many kratom vendors ship their products in opaque bags. If you want to store your kratom in an airtight container, make sure that minimal to no light passes through the container. Some good places to store your kratom would be in your clothes drawer, closet, cabinet, or even under the bed. Stay away from humid places such as in the bathroom.


Temperature plays a significant role in the storage of kratom. If you plan to store your kratom for one to three months, it is best to keep your kratom in an area that is cool and has stable temperature. A sealed bag of kratom would do well in room temperature. If you have an opened bag and want to store it for a longer duration, seal it back tight and store it in the fridge to prolong its freshness.

Conclusion: Is Expired Kratom Safe?

Yes, in short, expired kratom is safe as long as it is not moldy. Kratom that is old, and stale may lose its earthy smell and potency, but it should still be safe for consumption. Make sure not to take a risk with kratom that has been exposed to moisture as it increases the risk of mold which can be veery harmful to your health. Only buy as much kratom as you need for one to three months. Follow the dos and don’ts of kratom storage and you should be good to go!

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